Sunday, July 18, 2010

Get Together With Friends From The Past

This past weekend I went to get together with friends from high about strange. Some of these people I haven't seen since I was a crazy strung out teenager. Others I have kept in touch with. It was great to see everybody, but also made me feel a little weird. I was a completely different person back when they knew me as Shari Anderson. I had long blonde hair and I was strung out. A total party girl. My life revolved around meth and whatever other drug I could get my hands on. That life of my past doesn't feel like it ever really existed, because its so far removed from who I am today. Being around those people brought on memories of running drugs, and spending my days with zero motivation or direction and being in a constant haze. How incredibly sad. You know, I watched this tv show called Drugs, Inc. the other day and they were talking about a statistic that only 6% of people addicted to Meth get fully recovered without relapsing. I let that soak in for a little while then I just smiled. I am one of that very small percentage ...the 6%....who left that life behind and never went back to that addiction. Makes me feel pretty damn good about myself. I got to talk to my friends about what I do for a living, about CrossFit and eating healthy and I'm hoping some of it stuck. Maybe they'll find their way out of that life (yes, some are still exactly as they were as teenagers and have never escaped the hold the drugs had on them) and desire to get healthy and will recall this CrossFit thing Shari Told me about. I don't have time to write more, its past my bedtime and I need some good sleep tonight. Ill finish my rant tomorrow...

Saturday, July 03, 2010

As Requested........

These are for you Jesse......thanks for reading my little blog!

Been training hard and running a ton. Today is a recovery run because tomorrow I am racing a trail 10k. My quads are super sore from this weeks double days, so hopefully they get loose! Time to spend some quality time on my Trigger Point rollers!