Sunday, July 29, 2007

Jake and Brandon

I took the boys for a walk (they skated of course) to the beach to run off some energy....they climbed these rocks and gave me little heart attacks while they jumped from rock to rock.
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My son Brandon, Jeni's son Everette, My daughter Sarah, Jeni's son Eddie and her daughter Malisa. They haven't seen eachother in years so the first thing we did was walk down the street to the beach. We're spoiled cause we live by the beach....they haven't seen one in too long, poor things! Wow Sarah and Malisa look just like Jeni and I when were were younger.
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Kissing cousins!!

This is me and my cousin Jeni. She lives in Texas and came for a visit this past week. I haven't seen her in like 4 years or so. We cried when we saw eachother. Growing up we were really close and people thought we were sisters. We shared the same last name - Anderson and went to the same school for a while. She's a year younger than me though.....It was so good to see her again!!
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San Diego CrossFit

Brendan and I went to San Diego last weekend for a Seal Qualification Training...I tagged along. We went to workout with the XFit San Diego team and did a great workout....

1 hang power snatch + 3 overhead squats x 10
5 rope climbs
400 meter run

x 3 rounds for time

Brendan won of course!!
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Mom & Daughter Tattoos

This is the design mom and I got.....a petroglyph runner that was on a medal for a marathon Mom ran in Hawaii. Cool huh ? Check those toes on mom....what the hell ? Yes, she can eat with them.....(sorry mom, I had to say it)
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Tattoo Anyone ??

Mom and I went to visit Flip for a matching tattoo she wanted. Everytime she comes we either pierce something or tattoo something. She's fun like that.....
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3 generations

My mom Trudy, my daughter Sarah and myself a few weeks back when mom came for a visit. God- I look just like her now. Trippy! That's a good thing cause she's amazing for being 61! She runs marathons and places, and keeps super fit. She has a fun attitude and is always laughing at herself and her goofiness. We have a lot of fun when she comes and there is always joy. She's a little koo-koo and hopped up on energy supplements, but that's better than being a downer like my dad! My daughter looks so grown up and beautiful here - I'm in trouble !!
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4th of July crazies...

This is my friend Greg and his wife Sharon. I have known Greg since I was 15 (yes, a long time) He was the best friend of my boyfriend Geoffrey who past away in 92. Geoffrey and his family have forever changed my life and the lives of my children. When his mother and father passed away 5 years ago they named me and my kids the beneficiaries of their estate. Crazy. Greg and I went through that awefullness of loosing somebody special together, so when we get together it's like being with my brother. I was so happy to introduce Brendan to him. Even more stoked that they really hit it off and got along so well. They were really happy for us. Anyway, this pic is after dancing in the kitchen while having tequilla shots. Greg usually ends up naked in the hot tub on the 4th, but this time he refrained. LOL!!
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What the FUCK!!???

So when I rolled into CrossFit on 4th of July this is what was written on the board for the WOD...(thanks Rob). 10,000 pounds from ground to overhead! O-kayy...Michele, Tami , Alan and I decided we would clean & jerk it 15 reps at every corner of the 800 meter required carry using 65# barbell. The carrying the bar across your back after completing the c&j's was the hardest!! When we completed it... it totalled 10,000 lbs from ground to overhead. It sucked ass, but we did it. I will NEVER give this one to my clients for fear that they would put explosives in my car and off me. Thanks ROB!!
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Flip it....

Ya gotta post the back side too....Nothing to say except I hate those veins in my right leg....gotta get em removed!!!
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Derby leaves it's mark!

Check out my huge bruise from practice a while back! There has been many injuries in the past few weeks since I wrote last. Lucii Furr got a major broken ankle, another girl got abroken coller bone, and yet another a dislocted shoulder that requires surgery. Hmmm.....Is this REALLY what I want to do ? I mean ......if i couldn't CrossFit or run I'm dead! Remember a while back when I was injured and couldn't run for only a week or so ....I was in bad shape mentally! I'm starting to rethink my Anita AnSthesia gig.....
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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Brendan's Girl

Yup...I like to take silly pictures and try to look sexy.....I know, dumb! This is me after a hard sprint workout I did on Lilly, my treadmill. I'm training for the Nike Womens Marathon to be held in October - I feel so not ready for the feat!! I used to run 2-3 marathons a year and did great, faster every race. Now I have been backing off on the running, thanks Brendan, and doing more Crossfit - which has helped my fitness a ton. cannot be good at both. Running hurts my performance at's a trade off. So for the months to come I willwork as hard as I can to not loose my gains at Xfit while ramping up the miles. WHEW!!! I also have derby practise 3-4 nights a week now so I have to increase my Zone blocks. I have what I call "my weight watchers" at HQ that let me know when I start to look too thin so I can eat more fat. I never can tell that's why it's good to have people watching out for you. Thanks Michele!!! Here's yesterdays workout :

Run 6-7 miles at a moderate pace with my mother (also a marathon runner)

X Fit Workout :
400 meter sprint
30 thrusters at 45#
30 pullups

x 3 rounds. I finished in 18 minutes and some change. I did all real pullups and pushed as hard as i could. The 45 pounds was the perscribed womens weight.....65 for the men.
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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Mother/Son workout

Brandon and I did a great workout last week and afterwards spent time throwing the 8 pound ball to eachother for weighted sit ups. Here's the workout :

Row 1,000 meters for time

100 pull ups
100 ring dipps - or p-bar dipps

Can't remember my times, but I know it didn't take me too long. I got a pull up PR last week also - 35 kipping pullups without stopping. My last PR was 26...I could have gone longer, but was losing my grip! I am in muscle up training, and need to work the debth of my dipps. Can you do 100 of each ? much fun!!
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Client Support!!

My wonderful clients Marian, Leslie and Ian showed up Sat night at Castaways in support of their insane coach/Rollergirl. Cool huh ? They had no choice - Marian and Ian live around the corner from me and I would have thrown rocks at their pad on my way home if they were a no show!!! LOL! They are cool people and I am loving training them. Marian is a fast as hell runner and awesome CrossFitter, Leslie is a marathon runner who loves the endurance stuff and is getting way fit ! She has a great squat now:) You're welcome Leslie LOL!! Ian kicked ass his very first day there too!! Great times.....
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CrossFit Games

This was Brendans stellar performance at the CrossFit Games in Aromas, Ca. today. Day 2 was the CrossFit Total competition - max deadlift, max back squat and max shoulder press. The weight that you get sucessfully for each lift adds together to get a total number - that number is what you try to beat other athletes at. B did great!! I don't recall his overall total number - but I do know he helped CrossFit Santa Cruz to win the affiliate trophy!! Way to go baby!!! You pretty much rule!!
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Meet The Rollergirls

Meet Brawley Parton, Anita Anna-sthesia, and Section 8 Cait....Santa Cruz Rollergirls baby!! This was the meet and greet party Saturday night at the Castaways bar in Santa Cruz. We had a great time!! The girls are pumped and ready to roll - literally. Check out for the write up on our league and a huge picture of yours truely. We got the cover of the paper today!!! We were also written about in the GoodTimes paper on Thursday....we are taking over Santa Cruz - watch out!! Practice schedule is going to get hectic this month with almost 5 nights a week - I can't wait! I got my skates and I'm ready to do what my fearless leader says. Add this to my marathon training, my CrossFit training and being up at 4am to train clients and you have the recipe for one freakin tired woman!! Stay tuned.....READ THE PAPER!!!
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