Monday, April 30, 2007

Coach Burg O Lifting Seminar

Eva T., Coach Burg, Me, Cill, Rob and Brendan at the Olympic Lifting Seminar Saturday. I learned so much from coach it was great to have him at HQ. Man it was HOT and we all got a little red since we were facing the sun all day from 9-5. Cleaning, jerking, split jerking- over & over until it was perfect. It was Eva's birthday and after the seminar we all went to dinner at Sestri and had a great cheat meal and dessert. I just love my new family....they rule!!

Friday night punk rock show

This is Ryan (left) and his friend Logan. Ryan is Brendan's 12 year old client and he is an amazing CrossFitter. He's at the gym at 6am to train and pushes harder than any kid his age I have seen. (of course my daughter kicks butt also!) He asked Brendan if he would take him to a punk show downtown Friday night - so we did! It was so fun watching Ryan and Logan get in the mosh pit and throw down. Brendan jumped in the pit with them and demolished everything he touched while in there. I was laughing my ass off! Brendan would say "watch this" then take off into the pit and everybody he touched went down hard. So fun! I've always said he's my big bear. Ryan and his friend said that was the biggest pit they have ever been in and they had a great night. How cool to mosh with your trainer!!

"We swear it wasn't us!!"

Brandon had a birthday party at a classmates house last he is (bottom row wearing beanie) looking very innocent with his friends. The house was beautiful and Bran got to do a treasure hunt and swim in the super huge pool! I love to see him with his friends - he doesn't get together with them as often as my daughter sees her friends...He had a fun day!! I took Sarah to the Sessions sale while Bran was at the party and we picked up some pretty good deals....

Fun at the Boardwalk

Okay, so I know I have been absent for way too long! I'm going to try and catch up on my pictures and what I have been up to today....
A few weeks ago Brendan and I took the kids to the Boardwalk for a day of eatting like shit and going on rides until we felt like throwing up. Brandon likes the spinny rides - I hate them, so Brendan went on them with him and they had a great time. Sarah used to hate the rides, now she goes on them all. Get out there and do something that scares you today.....for me, it would be a ride at the Boardwalk!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

"Helen" Video...

Sorry, I don't have a new picture to post yet. The Helen workout went was fun to go up against Annie, Nicole & Devon. I finished in 9:14 second place. I gave it all I had for that day since I wasn't feeling too well earlier in the morning. Check out the awesome video at and see how "Helen" is performed. I can't wait to dish it out to my clients and see where they stand. Have a great day!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My HOT surfer man

Monday Brendan and I went to 26 beach so he could surf...I watched from the beach and worked on my programming for the week for my clients. I love watching him surf because he loves it so much....what makes him happy, makes me happy! I just like knowing that he's happy ;)
Well, I'm off to get filmed doing "Helen" against some fast hard core athletes....wish me luck!

Easter craft!!

We love coloring Easter eggs at my house!! This is my daughter and her best friend, my other daughter, Mia. They were kicking butt in the coloring Saturday night. Brendan , my son Brandon and I also colored was fun. Saturday I went for an 8.5 mile run along the cliffs and it felt great to get out there and move!

Sunday was Easter, so I took the day off from training and ate some candy too ;)

Tuesday CrossFit:
clean & jerks 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1
started at 83 pounds, got to 88 pounds at round 5. Missed a few of the jerks, but got the cleans. I also ran 5.50 miles on the treadmill in the early morning.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Wednesday's Burner...

Since Nicole is back in town I took her Wednesday class and ended up doing a workout that most classes and trainers have been trying out. Everybody wants to see how they measure up at this one!!

OH squats max reps at 75 pounds : I got only 7 reps in

rest 3 minutes

800 meter run for time: 3:02

rest 3 minutes

Tabata squats: I scored 18 reps

rest 3 minutes

800 meter run for time: 3:03 (only 1 second slower)

rest 3 minutes

Max reps overhead squats at 65 pounds: I got only 9 reps

* This was a GREAT workout and my track nights have been paying off for sure. The 800's were easy for me to pace and pick up at each 200 meter mark so i didn't burn out, but got faster. I managed to keep up the pace for the last 800, only slower by 1 second where most people were dramatically slower. YEA SCTC!!! Overhead squats are a weak point for me because of my right shoulder - soooo I will work on making my weak link stronger by adding ov squat therapy once a week starting with 45 pond bar and working my weight up and reps up. It's good to see where you are weak and fix it. 75 pounds was a lot of weight for me since I weigh only 103-106 pounds...but I want to work up to 95 pounds so I can be like Nicole & Annie!! :)

My client Felicia Hitting the Kettlebells!!

I have been working with Felicia for over 6 weeks now and she is getting better and better. We're working to put some muscle on that small frame of hers, so I put her on the Zone and she's doing a lot of lifting instead of met con workouts....She moves really well, and is easy to coach. We're starting to ramp up the weights and body weight exercises....way to go Felicia!!!
It's been a while since I posted, so I'll spend a little time catching up on my workouts....
Monday CrossFit :
Warm up row 1,000 meters
20 lb. db clean & push press 10 reps
1 rope climb
How many rounds in 20 minutes ?
I got in 8 rounds. I was feeling tired from running all weekend, so I should have gone harder and heavier.
Run 5 miles easy pace... No CrossFit.