Thursday, April 05, 2007

My client Felicia Hitting the Kettlebells!!

I have been working with Felicia for over 6 weeks now and she is getting better and better. We're working to put some muscle on that small frame of hers, so I put her on the Zone and she's doing a lot of lifting instead of met con workouts....She moves really well, and is easy to coach. We're starting to ramp up the weights and body weight exercises....way to go Felicia!!!
It's been a while since I posted, so I'll spend a little time catching up on my workouts....
Monday CrossFit :
Warm up row 1,000 meters
20 lb. db clean & push press 10 reps
1 rope climb
How many rounds in 20 minutes ?
I got in 8 rounds. I was feeling tired from running all weekend, so I should have gone harder and heavier.
Run 5 miles easy pace... No CrossFit.

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CrossFit OG said...

Felicia seems pretty tough from what I've seen, and she does move well. But hey, she has a great Trainer!!! :) ...She's a total sweetheart too.