Monday, April 30, 2007

Friday night punk rock show

This is Ryan (left) and his friend Logan. Ryan is Brendan's 12 year old client and he is an amazing CrossFitter. He's at the gym at 6am to train and pushes harder than any kid his age I have seen. (of course my daughter kicks butt also!) He asked Brendan if he would take him to a punk show downtown Friday night - so we did! It was so fun watching Ryan and Logan get in the mosh pit and throw down. Brendan jumped in the pit with them and demolished everything he touched while in there. I was laughing my ass off! Brendan would say "watch this" then take off into the pit and everybody he touched went down hard. So fun! I've always said he's my big bear. Ryan and his friend said that was the biggest pit they have ever been in and they had a great night. How cool to mosh with your trainer!!


Auggie's mom said...

hey cuz, so what show was it? did i miss a good one?

glad to see you bloggin' again, miss it, and miss you!

love ya!

Shari Baby said...

No - it was basically a high school type battle of the bands show. The Lost Boys was the only band that I sorts heard about. But Ryan had a blast and watching Brendan in the mosh pit was worth every minute of shitty music!! he he he. I miss the heck outta you cousin!!! Let's make a date to get together.....I need to see your smile and hear your laugh....