Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jame's paradise

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J.T Lake!!!

The stage was incredible! He danced amazing! I think I have a little crush on him now :)
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Justin Timberlake WE LOVE YOU!!!

I took my daughters Sarah and Mia to the Justin Timberlake concert on the 23rd and we had a BLAST!!! Talk about a great concert! We danced, screamed and partied all night. We didn't get home until 1am and I had to be awake at 4am!! My 5 am clients were understanding as I gulped my coffee down! Sarah's voice was SHOT from the amount of screaming she did. I loves getting to hang out with her and Mia all night....they're really fun girls. Sarah actually reminds me a lot of myself when I was a 8th grader......except better than I was. Tahnks GOD!

Here's the "morning after" workout I gave my clients...

10 burpees
50 thrusters with 45 # barmen, 33# bar women
15 burpees
40 thrusters
20 burpees
30 thrusters
25 burpees
20 thrusters
30 burpees
10 thrusters

They finished around 24 minutes. I did the workout later that day and finished in 18:15. Brendan did it for the fastest time at 14:something. Crazy guy. I thought 18 was fast!! Give it a try and see what you do!
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Baby-- where you get your body from ???

CROSSFIT! Marathon season always changes my body a little. I tend to lean out and loose some muscle. But, that's want to be light on your feet if you wanna run 26 miles fast! I'm down to 102 in this pic....maintaining strength at CrossFit is a little hard, but I feel like I am. Here's a workout....

15 single arm snatches on right with 35# dumbell
15 snatches on left
15 deadlifts at 115 pounds
run Caldwell loop (800 meters)
12 snatches on right
12 snatches on left
12 deadlifts
run 400 meters
9 snatches on right
9 snatches on left
9 deadlifts
run 200 meters

I also did max deadlift. here's how it went :

10 - 95 #
5 - 105#
3 - 115#
3 - 135#
2 - 155#
2 - 165#
1 - 170#
1 - 175#
1 - 180#
1 - 185# MISS
1 - 183# got it
1 - 185# MISS
MAX - 183#

Not bad since I only weigh 102!!!
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How'd I get so lucky!!??

This was our first "official" trail run together as a group. Brendan, me and our friend Cobra. We went for a 7-8 mile run in Nisene Marks and had so much fun!! It was a beautiful day and the trails were cool. Cobra lives around the corner and is a lot of fun to hang out with. We started running together in the mornings when he doesn't have to be at work and when Brendan's schedule allows, he comes too. Can't wait for our next run!! I love this picture ---- me with 2 great looking men! Lucky me!!
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