Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Baby-- where you get your body from ???

CROSSFIT! Marathon season always changes my body a little. I tend to lean out and loose some muscle. But, that's want to be light on your feet if you wanna run 26 miles fast! I'm down to 102 in this pic....maintaining strength at CrossFit is a little hard, but I feel like I am. Here's a workout....

15 single arm snatches on right with 35# dumbell
15 snatches on left
15 deadlifts at 115 pounds
run Caldwell loop (800 meters)
12 snatches on right
12 snatches on left
12 deadlifts
run 400 meters
9 snatches on right
9 snatches on left
9 deadlifts
run 200 meters

I also did max deadlift. here's how it went :

10 - 95 #
5 - 105#
3 - 115#
3 - 135#
2 - 155#
2 - 165#
1 - 170#
1 - 175#
1 - 180#
1 - 185# MISS
1 - 183# got it
1 - 185# MISS
MAX - 183#

Not bad since I only weigh 102!!!
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Auggie's mom said...

You colors aren't matching cuz! :) Love you!

OCRunnerGirl said...

Wow...I wish I looked like that!! One day I'll lean out like that but it may take a while. I can't seem to get rid of my sugar tooth =)

JeffO said...

Geez! I haven't been to your post in a while. You R BUFF! I run 50K, 50M, 100M and not nearly as buff! I guess i have to do more.

You know, my friends feel like they need to do more. They see me go and go. Even guys who don't like me feel like they have to do MORE!

But I see you and I have to do MORE! See how it goes 'round? Spreads like a good virus.

I'm a very busy guy who doesn't check in often, but glad I did.
Just sayin' "Hi, Shari."

Shari Baby said...

On the contrary it's not MORE that gets you buff necessarily - it's QUALITY. I used to run like 50-60 miles a wee and then head to the gym to "lift weights" for another hour so I would total like 3 hours of working out a day. I neverlooked like the way I do now - nor was I half as strong as i am now. I swear the principals that CrossFit teaches works. I can get an ass kicking in 10 minutes and have cut way back on my running and because of that I am a better runner. Hmmm.... let's chat jeffo.....:)I'll convert you