Monday, June 25, 2007


Here's Sage and her dad, Coach Burg..he's using her as an example while teaching the hang clean. This was a video - but I can't figure out how to make it might just play on its own. If it does - watch her! She's bad ass!!!

The Burgeners

Sage Burgener, Coach Burgener, me, Brendan, Cody Burgener, and Eva T at the cert in San Diego. So sweet to learn from these people. Not to mention that i am spoiled every day because I get the learn from Brendan and Eva T also!!! I strive to be a bad-ass O lifter like Sage and Eva ( I'm sure Coach would tell me to gain weight first). No can do - I'm in marathon training season. I have 2 marathons coming up and am working speed - speed- speed! That will also carry over to derby I'm sure!!
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"The Worlds Cutest Couple"

That's what Sage Burgener called Brendan and I this weekend .....she said we were cute together. This is me & B at Coaches house - I swear he has got to have THE best view in all the area. Beautiful home, even more beautifulk was his amazing family. All his sons, and his daughter Sage are trained by him and are quite successful athletes. Just google Sage to see what I mean. B and I had fun being together and enjoying being away, even if it was work based vacation. Sometimes getting in a new surroundings is all a relationship needs for a new feeling. Our hotel was pimp and we had the best dinner at a steak house called Ruth Chris....if you have a chance to go there - GO!!! no, RUN!! Cause it's almost as good as an orgasm I swear!
I missed the team photoshoot while I was away - but maybe they will do a redo sometime soon. Check out the SCRG shoot on the website
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Me & Eva T.

What a view!! This is Eva T and I in San Diego at Coach Burgeners house this past weekend. We were there for the Olympic Lifting seminar along with tons of CrossFit athletes hungry to learn from the master. I was there to help out with filming, interviewing, registration, a little coaching and whatever else people needed. Mainly I learned and soaked up information straight from the mouth of the USA Olympic Weightlifting Coach. What an honor! Coach Mike Burgener is also the physical education coach at Rancho Buena Vista (sp) High School in Vista, CA. and man - those kids have no idea how lucky they are! They are coached daily by the man who helps athletes get to the Olympics and represent our country!!! Any who it was an amazing trip and I always learn new coaching ques and techniques that I can pass on to my clients, which is what they pay me for!! Look on the main site for interviews that I'm sure will be completely dorky cause I'm the one asking the questions!!!
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Monday, June 18, 2007

Tank Girl photoshoot

This is a pic from my 'Tank Girl' photo shoot I did a while back with Kelly Richardson from Strange Angel Studios. I loved getting dressed up like a human doll and being a different person for the day - my strong, confident self. Today is the photo shoot for individual pictures for the Santa Cruz Rollergirls roller derby team. Yes, you read it right - I have added Roller Derby to my long list of athletic activities. I LOVE DERBY!!! A few years back my ex husbands friend joined the SF derby team and we would go watch them. I fell in love with it and wanted to join the team badly! But commuting all the way to SF a few times a week was too much for me. When I heard SC ws starting a team I was all over it! And excited! I know a lot of the girls on the team already, and the others I will become great friends with also - they are all so cool! Anyway, my derby name was Anita Spankin - but there was a girl with a similar name in TX, so I had to change it to ------ta da da da....Anita Ana-Stesia. Yup - today i will be taking photos in a nurse outfit but looking bad ass with my skates and gear on....seringe in hand!!! Look for us on Photos and all sorts of info is posted there.
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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Front Squat Anyone ?

This is back at the Burgener O Lifting Seminar at HQ a few months back. What a treat to get trained by him for the day!! Here we are getting our front squats down as he keeps a watchful eye on all of us. We did repetitions with a PVC pipe all day. Sounds easy, but when you do it all day 9-5 you get a workout in. I learned a ton and I'm getting ready to fly to San Diego this weekend for another seminar taught by Coach Burg.

Can U Believe it!?

This is my daughter on the left and her best friend Mia. Sarah just celebrated her 13th birthday, and my son just turned 10 also. Time flies by so fast that if you blink, you miss it. These two girls have the most fun together I have ever witnessed....they're silly and just being around them maked me enjoy life just a little more. Sarah has grown into an amazing young woman and is in a sense my hero. She's easy going, accepting, loving and has all the qualities I strive for. Plus her friends are pretty cool too :) Sarah has gotten great grades and puts alot of effort into her assignments and brains. Her father and I are gunna be in trouble I just know it.

How cool are we ?

Last Thursday was the perfect day in Santa Cruz. Freaking hot, blue skies, empty beach and the kids are outta school. We hit the beach at 9:30 am (we live 7 houses from 38th beach) and stayed for hours. We played beach tennis, football, name it we did it. I even managed to relax and get some sun :) Brendan had a long day at CrossFit, but had a hour break around lunch time so he wandered down to meet up with us, and play a game of tennis with Brandon. He was bummed he couldn't stay longer. The hot nice non fog days don't happen too often in summer, so you gotta love it while they're here! The kids and I rode our cruisers into town for some lunch and to check out the valleys.....always fun. Have you ever seen a more fit looking couple ? LOL.....

Client Vivian

So this is my amazing client Vivian. She used to weigh over 200 pounds, now she is a lean 144 pounds and kicks tremendous ass!! I have been training her since January and put her ass on the Zone around that time as well. Nobody works harder at CrossFit than she does. I have recently released her to the classes and will miss being her trainer a TON! Just take a look at her muscles and you can tell she works at it. Anywho - if you want to meet your weight loss goal, or be in the best shape of your life check out or e mail me at to get started. Love you V-v-v-Vivian!!!