Monday, June 25, 2007

"The Worlds Cutest Couple"

That's what Sage Burgener called Brendan and I this weekend .....she said we were cute together. This is me & B at Coaches house - I swear he has got to have THE best view in all the area. Beautiful home, even more beautifulk was his amazing family. All his sons, and his daughter Sage are trained by him and are quite successful athletes. Just google Sage to see what I mean. B and I had fun being together and enjoying being away, even if it was work based vacation. Sometimes getting in a new surroundings is all a relationship needs for a new feeling. Our hotel was pimp and we had the best dinner at a steak house called Ruth Chris....if you have a chance to go there - GO!!! no, RUN!! Cause it's almost as good as an orgasm I swear!
I missed the team photoshoot while I was away - but maybe they will do a redo sometime soon. Check out the SCRG shoot on the website
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OCRunnerGirl said...

You two are so cute!! Awe...

Shari Baby said...

thanks! we can be cute sometimes. How have you been ?

GB said...

Ruth Chris steak house is amazing! You're right, ALMOST as good as an orgasm.

You and B are very cute!!!