Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pain Weekend!!!

I put my little body through some intense pain this weekend. First of all, I was on a team that competed in the Affiliate Challenge and I did wods #1 and Wod #2. WOD #1 was run 400 meters and max reps maneaters @25# while your partner runs a 400, switching off for ten minutes getting as many runs in as possible. We got 11 in as a team of 4. Man, I had to run hard since everybody sorta expected me to :) Good thing I LOVE RUNNING!!!

I had a couple hours at the most to rest then it was wod #2 time.... 21 deadlifts @ 155# into max reps hspu as a team of 4 each individual had to complete 21 deadlifts before moving to the wasn't so bad. I only felt the last 5 were a little rough. (no bouncing allowed and open and close the hands at the bottom of each lift) you had 7 minutes to complete that and get points for the hspu...then right into 21 front squats @95 pounds into max rope climbs in the same scoring fashion. It was hard ! I was thinking the whole time about the trail race 13 miler I was going to be running on Sunday.....front squats are not the best exercise to do BEFORE running!!!

At the end of a long day I felt fantastic! I got to see a lot of CrossFit friends that i don't see in my everyday liofe anymore and I again was just filled with happiness at what a wonderful community we have within CrossFit. It truly is amazing. Everybody was so encouraging and cheered for eachother, even rival was fantastic!

I went home exhausted, popped some recovery vitamins and prepared for my early morning wake up and hit the bed, fast asleep. When the alarm went off at 6am I had a slpit second thought..."hmm.....maybe I can just not go. Nobody would call me a pussy after yesterday if I don't want to run 13 miles today." But....I would call MYSELF ONE!! I crawled out of bed.....literally, because my hamstrings and midback were so tight.....and went to the rollers. I rolled and drank a pot of coffee just trying to convince myself that I am alright to run.

When I got to Nisene Marks and registered and saw all the amazing women who came out to run 13 miles I felt much better that I decided to just do it!!The race started up a paved road hill and wound along fire roads then up up up into single track . Somewhere around mile 3 I felt a burning on my left side scalp, around the top of my head. As I ran I tried to feel what was happening, but the burning and pain got so intense I stopped running, and wildly started pulling my braids and hairties out of my hair. I could feel something biting me and I could hear a buzz so of course I was yelling "its in my hair!!, help me!!" women just kept running. Finally 3 angels stopped and started digging through my hair to release the 2 yellow jackets that were burrowed into my hair biting my scalp alll the while I was like moaning because it burned so freaking bad! They seriously saved me, no way could I get those things out on my own because I was panicking. Turns out lots of women were getting bit by a swarm and some ladies had on the upwards of 15 bites! Anyway, after that drama I started running again a litle faster to try and make up some much needed time. I think I was paused on the trail freaking out for almost 7 minutes, which is a long time. I passed a ton of ladies on the fire roads and when we hit the single track thats where I just opened it up and really came alive! I actually LAUGHED outloud the whole time I was on the single track. I had so much body felt light and effortless, but more importantly, my soul, .my heart felt light. I absolutely felt my heart come alive and start to just feel peace. It was amazing, and here I was 7 miles in and just flying. Brian MacKenzie was right when he said that fatigue in an endurance run/race isn't a lung issue , its a strength and conditioning issue. I am stronger now than I was before and it showed in how I just settled into a pace, not even feeling the ground or my legs or my lungs after the 6th was amazing. Everytime I run trails I always end up laughing outloud and wondering why the HELL I dont do it more!!??

Anyway, Im waiting for the results to be posted. I think I did pretty well.....even for stopping and dealing with bites. :) Ill post what happens...

Take care....and get out there and get DIRTY!!! ON the trails, that will be inspired, like I was. I promise!!!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Delicious Paleo Pancakes!!!

I got this recipe from CrossFit Santa Cruz's foodie, Kristie A's blog "Feasting on Fitnes". She has an amazing blog and posts very useful information. I suggest you add it to the blogs you follow if you are a CrossFitter living a Paleo life :) As I stated in earlier posts I adore pancakes. This month I cannot eat them for a cheat meal - as I am trying to NOT have cheat meals, so to the computer I went to find a better recipe for Paleo friendly cakes. I found this gals blog and the pictures she posted made the little cakes look SO delicious---that I couldn't wait for Sunday morning to give them a try. I managed to let myself sleep in, which is difficult for me since I rise before 4 am every day....but I didn't wake up until 9am. I am lucky enough to have a fabulous farmers market directly across the street from my house on Sunday's , so after a strong cup o Joe, I meandered across the street to purchase my weekly fruits, veggies, farm fresh eggs and fresh caught fish. The kids were still asleep when I got back from my shopping so I started to whip up some breakfast to hopefully stir their lazy butts to wake up! :) Let me just say....these pancakes are DE licious! She writes in her blog that they do not need syrup - I was a little hesitant to believe her, but man when she's right, she's right! They were so yummy and moist that I didn't need any sugary flavorings to add to the already honey sweet batter. Great job Kristie! I will be preparing these tasty treats on the weekends for sure! Top with sliced fruit and slivered almonds or top with almond butter and roll up.....just eat them! You will NOT miss the conventional gluten laden cakes at all. I promise!

Pancakes from Heaven
slightly adapted from Flapjacks
Cooking Time: 15 minutes

2 eggs, room temperature (warm using a warm water bath or leave out prior to cooking)
1/8-1/4 C honey
1 T vanilla extract
1/2 C water
1 and 1/2 C almond flour/meal
1/2 tsp kosher salt
1/2 tsp baking soda
coconut oil (for cooking)

Using a blender, combine the wet ingredients: eggs, vanilla, honey, and water. Blend until smooth. Then, add the dry ingredients: almond flour, salt, and baking soda. Blend until smooth.

Heat a non-stick skillet over medium heat (I had to crank mine up to med-high to get it going, then back down to med-low or lower by the time I reached the last batches--but that could be my stove). Add coconut oil and swirl to melt and distribute. Pour pancake batter onto the skillet to get your desired size of pancakes (I found that smaller is better and was able to fit 4-5 sand-dollar sized pancakes in my large skillet). Wait until you see bubbles bursting from the center of the pancake before turning (I had some trial and error with this--the bottoms cooked fast and the tops stayed liquid, making for a messy flip). The upright side should be golden brown (not burned) and crusty/crunchy. Yum! Wait until the underside is browned before removing and continuing the process with the remaining batter.

I got a slew from this recipe, around 12 depending upon the size. Keep the removed pancakes warm using a warming burner or oven set to warm. It helps to put a moistened paper towel on top to keep them from drying out.

Once done, you don't need any syrup. Let me say that again since it came as a surprise to me too: You don't need any syrup! They are delicious as is and a great accompaniment to eggs (in background of next picture)!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Start Of A New Challenge...

I decided to start a new challenge for myself for the month of August. If I am accomplishing what I hope, I will continue for 3 months...who knows, maybe more! I eat a pretty clean diet already - mostly Paleo, with some gluten free oatmeal at breakfast. But I have a sweet tooth like you would NOT believe! I look forward to my Saturdays so I can have pancakes (my absolute favorite food....ever), or carrot cake from the Buttery, or chocolate anything, cookies, cakes, or any get the picture. Well, then I go out Saturday evening and end up having some drinks and eating like crap again and Sunday I have the worst sugar hangover ever! Which starts Mondays off to a shaky start and all my training doesn't get back to normal until Wednesday - then after feeling good for 3 days the cycle starts over again. I just want to feel good ----ALL THE TIME!! I don't NEED sugar. But I WANT IT! I can't have everything I want in this life anyways, so why not remove the crap thats bad for me ? That goes for way more than just food - by the way :) Relationships that are toxic, friendships that are bringing me down, old grudges, whatever else...its time to clean house and work on feeling my best.

Here's what my August has started off like::::

Mon 8/2/10 weight 106
6am- 4 oz. chicken, 1/3 cup cooked gluten free oats, 1/2 cup blueberries.

8am- XFIT Benchpress 6x2 @110. Backsquats 5x3 @ 160
5 squat clean thrusters, 10 chest 2 bar pullups x5 @95#. 10:12
10am 4 oz chicken, 2.5 oz sweet potatoe, asparagus. vitamins and fish oil.

12:00 RUN EASY PACE. 5 MILES 32:00

2:00 4 oz. grilled salmon, large salad

4pm 4 oz. chicken, 1 cup strawberries

7pm 4 oz filet minon steak, mashed sweet potatoes, gilled asparagus. sliced fruit for desert with slivered almonds.

Tues. 8/3/10

6am 4 oz chicken, 1/3 cup oats.

8am XFIT ENDURANCE SIGHT 21-15-9 front squats @ 75, ring dips, box jumps. 10:02

10am 4oz chicken, sweet potatoe

12:00 large salad with grilled steak

1:30 TRACK WORKOUT 4x200 (34 sec pace), 2x400 (1:18 pace), 3x200 (35 sec pace) 2x400 (1:21 pace) total 6 miles

3:30 4 oz chicken, large green salad, nuts.

7:00 4 oz chicken with pesto, mixed veggies cooked in coconut oil

I hit a PR last week on the track for my 400 and my 800 meter. New 400 meter time is 800 meter time is 2:55:32. My 1 mile time )3x 1 mile repeats) is 6:10 for the last repeat.

I feel good. I am getting to bed super early, I know sort of a boring life - but it works for me. I start my day before 4am, so the more rest I get the better for me. And training 2 times a day means I need more recovery time. I haven't had a craving for sugar at ALL - but it has only been 3 days, so that will probably change. I have a few races coming up and I KNOW the added focus and attention to my overall being will make for a better race. This morning (Wed) I weighed in at 104. I DO NOT want to loose weight - so I will be tacking on some calories today for sure!