Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pain Weekend!!!

I put my little body through some intense pain this weekend. First of all, I was on a team that competed in the Affiliate Challenge and I did wods #1 and Wod #2. WOD #1 was run 400 meters and max reps maneaters @25# while your partner runs a 400, switching off for ten minutes getting as many runs in as possible. We got 11 in as a team of 4. Man, I had to run hard since everybody sorta expected me to :) Good thing I LOVE RUNNING!!!

I had a couple hours at the most to rest then it was wod #2 time.... 21 deadlifts @ 155# into max reps hspu as a team of 4 each individual had to complete 21 deadlifts before moving to the wasn't so bad. I only felt the last 5 were a little rough. (no bouncing allowed and open and close the hands at the bottom of each lift) you had 7 minutes to complete that and get points for the hspu...then right into 21 front squats @95 pounds into max rope climbs in the same scoring fashion. It was hard ! I was thinking the whole time about the trail race 13 miler I was going to be running on Sunday.....front squats are not the best exercise to do BEFORE running!!!

At the end of a long day I felt fantastic! I got to see a lot of CrossFit friends that i don't see in my everyday liofe anymore and I again was just filled with happiness at what a wonderful community we have within CrossFit. It truly is amazing. Everybody was so encouraging and cheered for eachother, even rival was fantastic!

I went home exhausted, popped some recovery vitamins and prepared for my early morning wake up and hit the bed, fast asleep. When the alarm went off at 6am I had a slpit second thought..."hmm.....maybe I can just not go. Nobody would call me a pussy after yesterday if I don't want to run 13 miles today." But....I would call MYSELF ONE!! I crawled out of bed.....literally, because my hamstrings and midback were so tight.....and went to the rollers. I rolled and drank a pot of coffee just trying to convince myself that I am alright to run.

When I got to Nisene Marks and registered and saw all the amazing women who came out to run 13 miles I felt much better that I decided to just do it!!The race started up a paved road hill and wound along fire roads then up up up into single track . Somewhere around mile 3 I felt a burning on my left side scalp, around the top of my head. As I ran I tried to feel what was happening, but the burning and pain got so intense I stopped running, and wildly started pulling my braids and hairties out of my hair. I could feel something biting me and I could hear a buzz so of course I was yelling "its in my hair!!, help me!!" women just kept running. Finally 3 angels stopped and started digging through my hair to release the 2 yellow jackets that were burrowed into my hair biting my scalp alll the while I was like moaning because it burned so freaking bad! They seriously saved me, no way could I get those things out on my own because I was panicking. Turns out lots of women were getting bit by a swarm and some ladies had on the upwards of 15 bites! Anyway, after that drama I started running again a litle faster to try and make up some much needed time. I think I was paused on the trail freaking out for almost 7 minutes, which is a long time. I passed a ton of ladies on the fire roads and when we hit the single track thats where I just opened it up and really came alive! I actually LAUGHED outloud the whole time I was on the single track. I had so much body felt light and effortless, but more importantly, my soul, .my heart felt light. I absolutely felt my heart come alive and start to just feel peace. It was amazing, and here I was 7 miles in and just flying. Brian MacKenzie was right when he said that fatigue in an endurance run/race isn't a lung issue , its a strength and conditioning issue. I am stronger now than I was before and it showed in how I just settled into a pace, not even feeling the ground or my legs or my lungs after the 6th was amazing. Everytime I run trails I always end up laughing outloud and wondering why the HELL I dont do it more!!??

Anyway, Im waiting for the results to be posted. I think I did pretty well.....even for stopping and dealing with bites. :) Ill post what happens...

Take care....and get out there and get DIRTY!!! ON the trails, that will be inspired, like I was. I promise!!!

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PunkRockRunner said...

It’s been awhile since I’ve checked in on your blog post but I just wanted to congratulate on some pretty impressive running. Those shorter distance races (5K & 10K) are so much harder than people think and you kicked some serious butt.

It’s always nice to read about someone so dedicated to fitness and healthy living.

All the best,