Tuesday, November 27, 2007

L Pull ups.....

So this is an older pic - but I love it so much it deserves a re post!! This is my man Brendan and I doing a crazy L pull up workout. I remember when these were hard for me........not any more. I can do plenty now!

Workout :
21 - 15 - 9

83 pound squat clean
ring dips

Time : 12:13.....

That was a better time than the last time I did it and I used heavier weight and squat cleaned instead of hang cleans.....I'm improving....And I cranked out 13 ring dips before a had to rest. Then I broke em up into sets of 7. I try to do L pull ups every day along with deep dips. I love them!! My hip / knee has been acting up again - well, really ever since the last marathon a couple weeks ago. I'm registered for the Cal international marathon this weekend in Sacramento - but am entertaining the thought that I may have to bail out. I want to hit my goal of finishing in 3:15-3:20 and I haven't been able to train at the high speed intervals I needed to in order to reach my goal time. I can still use my last years finish time of 3:26 to get to Boston Marathon in April - I may just do that. Take this month to completly heal, recharge, and re focus. There have been many distractions in my life and my training has taken a backseat. I'm ready to start back with intense focus and will do so in a month. I'm working on getting my aches better......I know I'm going to tear up Boston!!! I'll keep training CrossFit and get stronger....strict Zone diet....all that jazz....!!!
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Monday, November 26, 2007

Hockey Faces

Mean faces as we watched the fights break out....we had so much fun together this past weekend! I love taking the kids places and doing things. Tomorrow night we're taking flashlights down to the beach at low tide to play tag.....first one face down in the sand looses.....:)
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Sharke Game!!!

Brendan and I took the kids to see the Sharks on Saturday night. This is a horrible pic of me!!! I was cold.....We had a great time though and we plan on going back often!Sarah and Brendan were so funny - when we were leaving and stuck in traffic they jumped out of the car and screamed jumped up and down then ran back into the car......see - that's how we roll!!!
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Shakespere Santa Cruz

Here's Brandon on the Shakespere stage in SC. We went with his class to see The Princess and the Pea and got a backstage tour as well. We had a blast hanging out all day and goofing off. Brendan and I went to see the play "The Tempst" this past summer and the stage in this pic was where it was held in the evening. The redwood trees make a circle and all the chairs were inside the circle....there was little white lights everywhere and we snacked on cheese, crackers and wine while we watched the play. It was very romantic and an awesome night. I've never done that before. I have been doing a lot of new things with Brendan that I have never done before - not even with the husband that i was married 13 years to. Weird .....but so wonderful!!
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This picture saya it all....no words needed. What a fuckin sexy man I have !!!! I mean....really. Do men come any better than him ? I haven't seen any. Here's B gettin some WOD at the gym midday. I love training with him and being best friends with him. I can't believe I get to sleep every night beside such a sexy man and wake up to him every day.....I've got to be the luckiest woman alive. Jealous ???
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CrossFit gets Aunt Gay!!

Yup - that's REALLY my aunts name - Gay. She experienced her first ever CrossFit class a couple weeks ago for the first timers class at 9am Saturday....she did awesome!! We ran her through Cindy....5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats and a 400 meter run as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes....I haven't heard from her since :)
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Working the Store at Xfit NSC

The CrossFit Certification Seminar took place at our new spot - XFit North Santa Cruz the end of October. We had over 100 participants there and many other trainers from all over checking out our new home. This is a pic of my son Brandon working the store for the seminar. we didn't have much time to make the place look as awesome as we wanted, but the shirts and pants were made and ready for sale. We sold almost all our entire stock and now everybody all over the world will be sporting our new logo and NSC shirts!!
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Pumpkin Carving!!

This Halloween was the first time since being a kid that Brendan carved a pumpkin. The kids and I took him to the pumpkin patch along highway 1 and we ran through corn field mazes and got huge pumpkins. Of course Brendan carved his with "XFIT NSC" - duh! We had a blast......
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