Monday, November 26, 2007

Sharke Game!!!

Brendan and I took the kids to see the Sharks on Saturday night. This is a horrible pic of me!!! I was cold.....We had a great time though and we plan on going back often!Sarah and Brendan were so funny - when we were leaving and stuck in traffic they jumped out of the car and screamed jumped up and down then ran back into the car......see - that's how we roll!!!
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RoqABilly said...

The picture is fine, too bad the game was a stinker. A whole 7 minutes of exciting Sharks hockey. haha

It was nice to bump into you guys. Maybe we will see you at another game (or social d show :))


Shari Baby said...

Brian!!! It's funny how we always bump into eachother! Tracy looks great! Shitty game, but the 7 minutes made it all worth it! See you soon ??? Going to Dane Cook ?

RoqABilly said...

I will pass the message along to Tracy. Thanks :)

I am not going to Dane Cook. He is funny but for some reason I only really like comedy shows in small venues. I love the Improv. Enjoy the show.