Tuesday, November 27, 2007

L Pull ups.....

So this is an older pic - but I love it so much it deserves a re post!! This is my man Brendan and I doing a crazy L pull up workout. I remember when these were hard for me........not any more. I can do plenty now!

Workout :
21 - 15 - 9

83 pound squat clean
ring dips

Time : 12:13.....

That was a better time than the last time I did it and I used heavier weight and squat cleaned instead of hang cleans.....I'm improving....And I cranked out 13 ring dips before a had to rest. Then I broke em up into sets of 7. I try to do L pull ups every day along with deep dips. I love them!! My hip / knee has been acting up again - well, really ever since the last marathon a couple weeks ago. I'm registered for the Cal international marathon this weekend in Sacramento - but am entertaining the thought that I may have to bail out. I want to hit my goal of finishing in 3:15-3:20 and I haven't been able to train at the high speed intervals I needed to in order to reach my goal time. I can still use my last years finish time of 3:26 to get to Boston Marathon in April - I may just do that. Take this month to completly heal, recharge, and re focus. There have been many distractions in my life and my training has taken a backseat. I'm ready to start back with intense focus and will do so in a month. I'm working on getting my aches better......I know I'm going to tear up Boston!!! I'll keep training CrossFit and get stronger....strict Zone diet....all that jazz....!!!
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Anonymous said...

Shari -
Ready for that muscle up?
You are so strong! You constantly inspire me.
;) Kim

Shari Baby said...

you'r sweet , but crazy!! YOU'RE the strong one!!! I do have a muscle up, but jumping on 1 leg to get there!!! LOL. I'm working on it - what about you ??? Love those pull ups you dish out! :)

Steve Caddy said...

Hooray for blog updates!
Good luck with the training Shari :)

Shari Baby said...

I know I have been reaslly busy - and basically forgot about updating!! Promise to try and be better at updates.....thanks for the stop by!!

Mr. Mirek said...

as a fellow marathoner with a much slower marathon time than you, i say, "best of luck at boston!" i hope you get out there tomorrow. if not, i look forward to hearing how crossfit has extra-prepared you for boston.

GB said...

Hey Shari! Did ya' run CIM? I hope you decide to go to Boston in '08. It's an amazing experience and you'll love it!!!