Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Santa Cruz Drive-ins Close Down!!

So last weekend was the LAST weekend for the Santa Cruz drive-ins. The only drive ins around here - or even San Jozse for that matter. I saw a while back on the Discovery Channel a special on the drive in culture in the United States. Seems there are only something like 16 left in the ENTIRE USA!!! Now there are only 15 left!! Brendan and I have taken the kids many night to see a show bundled up in the back of his pickup.....tons of snacks.....hot coffee.....just loving it! So, I managed to talk a bunch of CrossFit NSC people to partake in the last weekend and see the Bee Movie with Fred Clause. Okay, so the movies weren't all that - but we made it awesome! I cooked a huge pot of Zoned Turkey Chili, cornbread with honey butter and baked up a large batch of chocolate chip cookies dipped in melted chocolate - and white chocolate macadamia nut cookies dipped in white chocolate with sprinkles......as you can see they were a big hit! Here's Hunter, Brendan, Ronnie and Zack all cuddling in the back of my XTerra eating cookies and milk. How cute are they!!??
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