Wednesday, December 12, 2007

For you Brendan :)

Just to remind you to help me stay like this by eating in the Zone!!! It's so hard with the holidays coming and man do I LOVE to cook and BAKE!! It's a thorn in my side and it sucks! Why can't I just eat whatever the hell I want!? Right now it would be a big dish of hot gooey home made fruit and cinnamon rolls - extra icing!! Zone?? Oh
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Wilson said...

WOW! I better eat more Zone! Im Melissa, Brian Mackenzies wife and we are looking forward to everyone coming to Newport! Its going to be a blast! We should run some trails while you are here.


Jen said...

I get that you stay so tight via Crossfit...but how do you stay so tan?!?!
Keep working hard!

Shari Baby said...

I'm American Indian - that's my normal skin color. I wear 60 sun block every day to protect myself and my tattoos.....guess I'm lucky that way :)

Shari Baby said...

Melissa ! Hey girl - can't wait to meet you!! YES YES YES a running partner! :) I'm looking forward to a great weekend of learning :)

Shari Baby said...

I'll let you know what i think about it after I attend the Crossfit cert seminar in Newport in January.....I'll definitely pass it on to you. You're way of running kicks ass cause you're fast. Now imagine if there's an even better way to get even faster!! That's what I'm hoping for :)

Jonny Ringo said...

Hey Shari-
You're looking great. I can't believe that's your natural skin tone. Brenden is a lucky man. :-) Is there any way to get any of the new CrossFit North T-shirts besides at the gym?

Shari Baby said...

Johnny -
Yup you can purchase CrossFit North Santa Cruz t shirts, sweatshirts and ladies clothing through our website - Call the gym to place your order and I will send it out to you.....Thanks :) You're so sweet!