Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Miss Chloe Buttercup

My youngest client. She moves like an angel and is super stoked on CrossFit. She's fun to teach and coach and always tries what I dish out to her. Today she learned how to row, push press and jumping pull ups. She pretty much rules! And she's only 5!!! Just think what she'll be like when she's 10 , or 15!!! Amazing athlete!
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metric said...

That is so gorgeous.

I can't think of anything I'd like to do more than help kids learn Crossfit. I should be able to make it to one of Jeff and Mikki's CF kids certs next year, I hope, to learn how to do it properly. I already have a 4 y.o niece who loves playing on the rings whenever she visits and gets frustrated because she can't get the rower to make the whooshing noise. So cute to watch.

Shari Baby said...

The Martin are amazing!! Check out www.crossfitkids.com for ideas and tips for training kids. Chlor is so cool! She loves to learn and wants to try everything - the killer thing is she "gets" it - and that rules!If you have a passion for it - then it's your calling.......:) go with it