Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Armenian Ass Whopping!!

So this is Seven (Sevaughn) he came to CrossFit NSC and challenged me to a workout to be videoed for a documentary he's doing about CrossFit. I do NOT like being video taped for a workout - I feel pressured to do good and win and feel horrible when I don't meet my expectations or the expectations of others. So, when I was asked to do this workout I hesitated, but then agreed because in the end, it really is an honor to be asked to do these things for the main CrossFit site. Anyway, the workout was :

7 ring dips
400 meter run
21 kettlebell swings
12 pullups

x3 rounds for time. Basically Helen with sme ring dips thrown in for fun?! I started off bad because my wristbuckled on the very first dip....I pulled it together and caught up to Seven on the run and sprinted past him. I took me a few breaths to pull it together before getting the damn kb...we played cat and mouse like this the whole race. He would kick my ass....I would sprint to catch him on the runs and pass him.....he's passme on the kb's....I'd pass him on the pullups....he's get me on the dips. THE WHOLE 3 ROUNDS!! Then I managed to beat him - but barely. I'm claiming it though. Take that Seven!! Next time I'll win by a bigger margin. Let me add that I weigh only 105 and he's like 170 or so and we used to same weight.....:)

Brendan was proud of me and so was the camera crew. Thanks Patrick and Tony!!
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