Monday, December 31, 2007

Horn o Plenty....

So I have been reinspired by a fellow blogger named Tracey. Check out her blog - she's amazing and has an amazing story. She was a guest blogger at Jen's Gym blog as well. Anyway, I eat in the Zone and stay away from sugar (except around Christmas was a little hard) but feel like I don't get in enough vegetables during the day. I easily grab after fruit because it's more portable and I don't have to cook it. After reading Traceys blog i thought to myself "I can eat like she does more often.....just more planning!" so off to the store I went. I LOVE LOVE LOVE vegetables anyway......coming back from the Scotts Valley Market I had fresh kale, leekes, squash, avocadoes, tomatoes, oranges, apples, nannas, slivered almonds, tofu, soy milk, chicken breasts, tri tip - plenty of yummy food to cook up. I had planned on spending the afternoon cooking for the week - but then the headache and yucky feeling came back and I only cooked dinner. Here's what I made.....

BBQ tri tip, Kale with garlic, onions, sundried tomatoes and olive oil mixed with cannelini beans. YUMMY!! Perfect 2 block dinner.

Today I plan on making some turkey soup with kale and quinoa, stir fry tofu with plaenty of vegies, and a few crock pot meals for the week. If you spend the time to prepare the foods ahead of time your success rate to stay on target with your diet is way easier. Read Tracy's blog - she cooks for the week and packs meals to put in the freezer - it helps her to always eat healthy. Let's all make the decision to do it too. Be inspired by the delicious foods at the store. Find new ways to cook them up. Cook up some acorn squash and fill with browned and seasoned turkey meat topped with slivered toasted almonds. YUMMY and healthful!!

Today's Zone foods :

Breakfast tortilla....egg whites mixed with cottage cheese and cooked up. Sauteed red peppers, black beans, garlic and onions . Mix and spooned into a tortilla, topped with hot sauce. (3 blocks)

Slim fast high protein bar (2 blocks)

Turkey meat, apple, almonds (2 blocks)

Salad with chicken and dressing ( 2 blocks)

Yummy dinner......(2 blocks)
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GB said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Shari!
So glad all is going well with you and your family. :)

Can you post the link to Tracy's blog? I will definitely check it out.

metric said...

Found it GB

Thanks for putting me on to this Shari, lots of very cool ideas there. I loved her comments of cabbage salad. I hate "coleslaw" because of all the mayonnaise, but had recently started copying a local steakhouse that serves a yummy coleslaw with a very light dressing and adds nuts and chopped spinach. I thought was innovative until I saw what Tracy does.
My family are going to hate her as I experiment with variations on the theme when it's my turn to cook. They don't like the whole cabbage salad concept much, but they're going to get it anyway. :-)