Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Day After Christmas Fun

We went to the mall today and fought the mad house of people. Brandon Brendan and I pooled our money together and gift cards we received to buy a Playstation 3 for Little B......well, for Big B too :) They were stoked! We got a couple games and tried it out. The graphics look amazing. We can also watch Bluetooth movies on it too.

Workout :

Ran 6 miles outside and felt great! No hip problem, the weather was awesome and sunny and it felt amazingly refreshing to be outside running with no pain. My hip is back to normal. Thank you God! We're going to Brendan's moms tonight to hook up with his sister and brother in law and their kids to exchange gifts. Haveta get to bed early though - 5 am clients tomorrow....Hope you all had a great Christmas too.
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CrossFitCS said...

now, if i got a playstaion 3 for christmas.....i dont think my wife and kids would see me for days.

hope you had a great christmas