Sunday, July 03, 2011

Summer Fun

Its been a while since I blogged and put new pictures up, so here's what I've been up to:

I've been training a lot and have shifted my concentration to longer distance and trail running. It's definitely a LOT harder than road running/racing and very technical - but I really enjoy that aspect of running the trails. This season I have many races on my schedule that I am looking forward to. My body feels strong and no major injuries - except for the right hip that acts up every once in a while. Nothing that stretching (Im horrible at it) can't fix.

Niscene Marks Half Marathon
San Lorenzo River 50k (32 miles total with my 1 mile extra)
Dirty Legs 21k
Santa Cruz Mountains 50k
Dirt Inspires Half Marathon

I ran my VERY FIRST ULTRA MARATHON and I loved it!! It was 5,200 feet elevation climbs and I crossed a river that was above waist high 4 times during the race. The hills were brutal and I just kept moving. Having never run that distance before I had no idea how to pace it, or what to bring. I just brought a hand held water and a bottle of coconut water and protein power mix. Turns out that wasn't enough! I was flying the first 13 miles and did a course record pr at 2:10 (remember HILLS) and felt great. Then around mile 22 my quads cramped up horribly and I couldn't even take a STEP! I have never felt that before and didn't know what to do. I was in the middle of the forest alone and couldn't move. I was screwed! But after a few minutes a fellow runner came along and helped me out. He gave me salt tablets, and squeezed my quads until they released from cramping. I swear he saved me. I was thankful to get moving again and passed him on the course :) at the second turn around spot I ate salty foods and stocked up on salt tablets befoe continuing for my last big loop. I was shooting for 7 hours and if I didn't cramp up and loose time who knows how close I would have come to making that time. I finished in 7:32 something. I know what you're thinking ....7 and a half hours of RUNNING!!!! It wasn't that was beautiful in there and I was accomplishing a goal. Oh yea - I did that race with only training at the most a 13 miler. Thanks BMack!!! Now in September I am doing the same course and I want that 7 hour time! Maybe even faster!!!! Wish me luck :)