Sunday, July 03, 2011

Summer Fun

Its been a while since I blogged and put new pictures up, so here's what I've been up to:

I've been training a lot and have shifted my concentration to longer distance and trail running. It's definitely a LOT harder than road running/racing and very technical - but I really enjoy that aspect of running the trails. This season I have many races on my schedule that I am looking forward to. My body feels strong and no major injuries - except for the right hip that acts up every once in a while. Nothing that stretching (Im horrible at it) can't fix.

Niscene Marks Half Marathon
San Lorenzo River 50k (32 miles total with my 1 mile extra)
Dirty Legs 21k
Santa Cruz Mountains 50k
Dirt Inspires Half Marathon

I ran my VERY FIRST ULTRA MARATHON and I loved it!! It was 5,200 feet elevation climbs and I crossed a river that was above waist high 4 times during the race. The hills were brutal and I just kept moving. Having never run that distance before I had no idea how to pace it, or what to bring. I just brought a hand held water and a bottle of coconut water and protein power mix. Turns out that wasn't enough! I was flying the first 13 miles and did a course record pr at 2:10 (remember HILLS) and felt great. Then around mile 22 my quads cramped up horribly and I couldn't even take a STEP! I have never felt that before and didn't know what to do. I was in the middle of the forest alone and couldn't move. I was screwed! But after a few minutes a fellow runner came along and helped me out. He gave me salt tablets, and squeezed my quads until they released from cramping. I swear he saved me. I was thankful to get moving again and passed him on the course :) at the second turn around spot I ate salty foods and stocked up on salt tablets befoe continuing for my last big loop. I was shooting for 7 hours and if I didn't cramp up and loose time who knows how close I would have come to making that time. I finished in 7:32 something. I know what you're thinking ....7 and a half hours of RUNNING!!!! It wasn't that was beautiful in there and I was accomplishing a goal. Oh yea - I did that race with only training at the most a 13 miler. Thanks BMack!!! Now in September I am doing the same course and I want that 7 hour time! Maybe even faster!!!! Wish me luck :)


ewizzy said...

I am glad you had some fun in the sun with me BABY!!!

Unknown said...

I am so happy you came down to spend the weekend with me in Newps!!!

clandestinie said...

Hi Shari,

Stumbled upon your blog in a random way but I wanted to say thank you for being such an inspiration. I did 2 big things in my life this year....turned 40 and started Crossfit. The first is a HUGE secret, none of my friends know how old I am...I work in a youth-dominated industry and I'm scared if they know how old I am, they won't want to hang out with me anymore. But seeing how fantastic you look and how much fun you are having being over 40 is amazing and I can only hope to look a fraction as good as you someday.

As I mentioned, the other big thing I did was start Crossfit. I have been morbidly obese, I got up to a hair away from 300lbs. I started my weight loss journey 2.5 years ago and I'm still on it. Lost about 70lbs through my own combo of portion control and low carb. Hit several standstills which is why it took me 2 years to lose 70lbs. At 70lbs lost and still obese, I realized I would have to start an exercise program in order to go the rest of the way. Heard about CF, took a teaser class and was hooked. Now I've been at it for 5 months and while it's the most painful thing I have ever done...I love it! I've lost another 20lbs, now down to 196lbs....which may not seem like a success but from where I came's amazing! To see these kinds of changes in my body...I have muscles for the first time ever! My family keeps telling me they hardly recognize me. I'm still getting used to having a 1 in front of my weight for the first time since's incredible to me. I can only look forward to what my life can become and what the universe still has in store for me. Reading your blog and seeing how much you work out and seeing your pics and knowing that you can still love (and struggle with!) food but still have a smoking hot give me hope that I can look good someday as well. I won't have as hot a bod, that's for sure...but I can get to the best version of me :)

Anyway, this was a very long email from a stranger but I just wanted you know that your sharing your life online has helped more people than you know.

I'd rather you didn't post this on your blog...I wanted to email you but this was the only way I could see to be in touch. Hope things are continuing to go great for you and know that somewhere, a (secretly) 40 y/o fat chick is out there huffing and puffing at a Crossfit gym on the other side of the country is thinking of you whenever she wants to give up because she's (gasp!) 40 and thinks it's too late to look and feel great!

Anonymous said...

I miss the Sun & Sand & Sea!

hailey said...

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