Saturday, December 30, 2006

Another picture....

Okay - so all the pictures I just took at the beach turned out great. So I HAD to post most of them.....Here's the kids overlooking the beach by our house on 38th and East Cliff.....great day :) Posted by Picasa

Raise your hand to the God of Metal.....

LOL!! This picture cracks me up!!! He climbed this rock and struck this pose all on his own - what a clown he is. :) I love it..... Posted by Picasa

Mom and son....

I love my boy - even IF he's a vampire!!! :) He got these teeth last night at the Boardwalk during our fun fest so he wore them to the beach today - This is a cute pic of us with the water in the background.....FUN day!! Posted by Picasa

An island of our own....

This looks like they are on an island all their own....these are those weird squishy thingies that squirt water at you if you step on them, or touch them. Mia and Sarah were sticking their toes in them and watching it close around them. Weird. I don't like the feel of squishy things!!! Posted by Picasa

Brandon found TONS!!

Here's the colony of starfish that Brandon found....I don't know what he named his....but he did find a hermit crab that he wanted to bring home with him :) Posted by Picasa

They're everywhere!!

This is Mia's starfish....she called hers "Flo"... Posted by Picasa

I found one too.....

Here's the starfish I found....I shall call him "Squishy..." Posted by Picasa

Beautiful day at the beach

Today after I went for a run and we all got cleaned up we walked down the street to the beach. We live in the most beautiful place there is - only 7 houses from the beach and today it was low tide and there were all sorts of cool creatures in the water. We spotted TONS of starfish, hermit crabs, squishy things, etc....I shot this pic of Sarah after she found her Starfish....such a beautiful girl. :) Posted by Picasa

Dancin' at the Boardwalk...

Mia and Sarah playing the Dance Dance Revolution game.....Sarah has this video game at home so they have played it many times before and have actually gotten pretty good at it. I think it's a funny looking game.....people gather around to watch you - it's a crack up. Posted by Picasa

Brandon driving a spacecraft

Here's a Star Wars game that Brandon played - he had to drive a spacecraft through the mountains - he did great !! I think this picture shows how big my boy has gotten Posted by Picasa

Laser Tag RULES!!!

Last night (Friday) I finially got my kids back and I was so excited to see them!!! I decided we would have a fun filled night together just goofing off. First up - the Boardwalk. We played a mean game of laser tag where we beat the crap out of the other team. Of course, I won ;) Then we played games in the arcade for a while - Brandon and I had a intense game of air hockey going on and I thin we ended in a tie. Sarah and Mia played Dance Dance Revolution and some other fun games. We laughed and had a great time together. Then we headed to Boardwalk Bowl for a game. Mia got her first strike, Sarah got a strike - Brandon and I got some spares but mostly we got splits :( . Who cares, all that mattered was that i was with my kids and we were having a great time together. We didn't leave there until late then decided to get some movies at Blockbuster and head home. We got Jackass 2 which we all saw before but still laughed at how stupid those guys are and the gross things they do......I went to bed satisfied with my fun night with my great kids (and my other great daughter Mia). Today I think I may take them to the beach to play frisbee or something since it's been sunny here on 38th beach. Maybe go for a bike ride into Capitola for hot coffee & hot chocolate at Gayles ??? Hmmm.... Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 29, 2006

Tabata Hell...

Today's workout was painful! Brendan dished it out to Annie and the 9:00 group - so at 10:00 when we asked Annie to train us, she dished it right back!! OUCH! A taste of your own medicine :) Here it is :

Tabata shoulder press (20#)
run 200 meters
Tabata push press
200 m run
Tabata push jerk
200 meter run
Tabata squat
200 meter run
Tabata deadlift
200 meter run
Tabata overhead squat
200 meter run
WOW - this one hurt - my shoulders are TAXED! I have been doing a lot of push/pull movements this week and I can feel it. My knee is still sore, so no running for me today. Brendan and i have clients at 2, so when we're done maybe I'll do a 2k row for time or tempo just to get a good sweat in. I feel like I need one!! Posted by Picasa

Group workout together

Yesterday Brendan and I did the 9am workout together with Annie coaching. Here it is:

row 2,000 meters for time - warm up
10 deadlifts (me 105 pounds bodyweight)
10 dipps
1 rope climb

How many rounds can you do in 20 minutes ?
I finished with 7 rounds, B got 10 in. It was a little harder today since just a few days ago B and i did a similar workout. My tri's and back were already a little sore. I didn't run since my knee is still givng me a little trouble. I'm going to go for a run today after working out at 10am. I have clients at 2pm so gotta get my workout in before then. I get my kids back today and I CAN'T WAIT!!! I have missed them since they've been at Randy's house from Christmas day on - too long for me to be without them. I have a lot of fun things planned to do with them during the rest of their winter break. ....good quality time with my kiddos. Tonight we are having a bunch of CrossFiters over to watch the UFC fight . I LOVE the fights - I get into it. Have a great day people.... Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Pullups with Brendan are WAY more fun!!!

This is a pic from our workout we did together the other day. Today we did a workout that I wrote...

run to hydrant (200 meters)
12 shoulder presses 45 #
12 back squats 105 #
run to fed ex (400 meters)
9 shoulder presses
9 back squats
run alley loop (600 meters)
6 shoulder presses
6 back squats
run Caldwell loop (800 meters)
3 shoulder presses
3 back squats
run big loop ( just short of 1 mile)

It was a great workout - very metabolic, which I wanted since I need it after Christmas. I programmed it with 21-15-12-9-6 reps, but changed it. I would have liked to go heavier with both weights, since it was too easy. Maybe 55# shoulder presses, and 125 # back squats. I finished in 22:10 with breaks in between and a nasty head wind on the runs. I finished my workout with some L sits, knees to elbows, GHD sit ups and the workout and tel me what you think.... Posted by Picasa

Christmas celebration

Kaye, Brendan and Meadow last night at Christmas celebration #2..... After we took the kids back to Randy's we went back to Bren's moms house to play games with them and have some drinks - it was a lot of fun and Brendan and I won the 80's trivia game!! Marcus and Meadow gave it their best shot but couldn't compete with our 80's knowledge....:) Today we do a workout that I designed and spend the day hanging out and enjoying eachothers company.....It already started off to be a great day.... Posted by Picasa

Christmas with Brendan's family..

Last night I took the kids to Brendan's mom's house to have Christmas with his family. It was the first time that Kaye met my kids. I can't believe how sweet she was - she had stockings stitched with our names on them - even my kids. She filled the stockings with great stuff for them and Meadow, Brendan's sister got the kids gifts also. It meant so much to me that Kaye opened up her house and her heart to my kids like that. Meandow and her husband Marcus (in the pic) have 2 children - Austin and Alysa and my kids got along with them great. Next we'll take Sarah and Brandon to meet Brendan's little brothers Ryder and Dylan - hopefully this weekend and we'll go bowling ;) Posted by Picasa


Yesterday Brendan and I did a WOD from the main site a few days ago.

10 pullups
7 hand stand pushups
1 rope climb
7 ring dipps

How many rounds can you do in 20 minutes ?

I finished 5 rounds - felt very weak, because of eating out of the Zone here and there for Christmas. I didn't get to run, I have to back off and run every other day for a while and give my knee/hip a chance to heal. I also did some core exercises : 20-15-15 glute/ham sit ups, ab mat sit ups and 1 minute planks for 3 rounds. I'm working on strengthening my core more and getting my back stronger. Looks like I have some ab muscles in this pic ;) Brendan did the whole workout with his weighted vest on - crazy man! The workout looked extra hard the way he did it!! Posted by Picasa

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Run with my man

Brendan and I went on a little 4 mile run to Capitola and back. We also ran up the stairs 4 times racing each time. Of course - he won every round...I screamed when I heard him coming up fast behind me ;) I always imagine he's some serial killer chasing me and I'm running for my life! I guess I found out that I would have been caught, raped and murdered - because I LOST!! We had a great run/workout and headed home to do some core exercises : L-sits, ab mat sit ups, and 1 minute planks . Check out Brendan's blog to see him running up the stairs...he kicked ass! we're going to do it again, except he will be wearing the 20 pound weighted vest i bought him for Christmas the whole way. He's sick and i love it!!! Posted by Picasa


Cousin Stacey and me on Christmas. I think I'm like 11 years older than her or something like that - hard to believe I used to call her my baby when she was little. I was in 7th or 8th grade when she was born - wow I'm older than 11 years more like 12 or 13 years. OK!! I feel OLD now....anyway, I love her and can't wait to hang with her on Wednesday!!! Posted by Picasa

Some of my cousins....

My grandma, cousins Lindsay, Michele, Lisa, me, Stacey and Mariah on Christmas Eve. These are only some of the cousins I wrote about a while back. It was great to see Lindsay and Stacey since they now live in Arizona and I don't get to see them very often. I'm taking Stacey to lunch on Wednesday before she leaves so that will be fun.... My grandma broke her leg and is in a wheelchair and cast so we all signed it for her ...I had a great Christmas Eve with the family in San Jose, and Brendan got to meet the rest of my family....they all loved him. We did our famous girft game where we draw numbers, pick a gift from the pot and we can steal whatever one we want from whoever we want to - but each gift can onoly get taken 2 times, then it's yours. We ended up with awesome gifts and a lot of laughs were had. A smoothis machine, and a backpack full of wine, crackers, and picnic utelsils. Brendan and i plan on taking it on a hike today and have a picnic on the beach ......enjoying Christmas. I miss my kids today, so the plan in to stay busy. Getting ready to go for a Christmas run with Brendan, then a hard ass Crossfit workout - which i will post later.....Merry Christmas everybody!!! Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 22, 2006

Bond Girls...

Devon, Heather and me having a great time at the party. Devon and Heather take the 8am or 9am class and I get to work out with them a lot. They're tough girls....and they look great too :) I loved my little black dress it was backless with little crisscross straps - the only thing holding me in that little dress were those straps! Thank God I double ties em cuz Jamie and Noreen kept fucking with them all night!! Bad girls.... Posted by Picasa

The HOT women of CrossFit...

and Greg!!He made a great girl by the way...and he LOVED the feel `of wearing a dress...hmm..I think his fiance Arcadia might be in trouble! :) See - we clean up pretty great. Posted by Picasa

More party action...

Zac, Heather, Me and Brendan last night at the party. It was so fun to see everybody dressed so nice - makeup, hair done, suits - not all sweaty like I usually see these friends. Zac and Heather were fun to hang out with....we even managed to sneak some peanut butter balls and eat 'em before they were gone. Nope - not in the Zone, but they tasted GREAT!! (right Zaaac!!) Posted by Picasa

ChrossFit Christmas Party 2006

Brendan and I went to the CrossFit xmas party last night held at Pete Verbaca's house - the theme was James Bond Casino Royale...I think we pulled the look off!!I got my black cocktail dress and my bling bling and Brandan looked hot as always! More pics to come..... Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Performance...

Brandon had his Christmas singing performance this evening at the SV High School. He sang with his 4th grade class and he was AWESOME! He remembered the words, did all the hand gestures, and had a great time. It was fun to see him with his friends and showing us what he learned. He's been singing for me all last week getting me excited to see him on stage - he's a natural at it - just like his sister Sarah in her music. What a fun way to bring in the holidays - Thanks Bran!!! I love you buddy....:) Posted by Picasa