Wednesday, December 13, 2006

80's Game night!!!

Brendan, Cobra and I played a new 80's Trivia Game last night and had a lot of fun!! Man...I had no idea so much useless information was in our brains! I almost won (being the 80's chick that I am) but Cobra ended up taking the game!!! Guess he's`more 80's than I am ;) here's a sample question for you :

"What Matthew Broderick film finds his character losing his innocence to a hooker names Rowena?"

Give up.....Biloxi Blues

Anyway - we were laughing and having a great time trying to guess . I did a CrossFit workout this am with Cills group it went something like this :

10 clean & jerks 30#
1 rope climb
10 c&j
10 pullups
10 c&j
10 pass throughs
10 c&j
10 knees 2 elbows
10 c &j

repeat with 5 reps, keeping the rope climb to 1.
Great workout- I'm feeling a little sick, so it's just what I needed. I'm getting ready to go for a 6 mile run - nice and easy....Have a great day !! Posted by Picasa


Auggie's mom said...

This picture reminds me of last time I was down there and they were playing cards. :)

Love you cuzn!

Shari Baby said...

I know huh ? It was so funny listening to them argue with eachother over who was winning! We had a blast playing the 80's trivial pursuit game - maybe we can play it when you come for a visit ? Love you too cousin!!

Bob Gentile said...

80'sssssssssss yup I am an 80's peep to but my memory recall is a bit blurry about the 80's :-)

Shari Baby said...

Amazingly enough I remembered a TON of useless sheat!