Friday, December 08, 2006

Building sweet houses....

After school my children and I constructed a tasty gingerbread house - complete with all the yummy candy. Brendan helped with his carpenter skills and put the roof on for us. I think I made only 1 house before with the kids....I think it's our new tradition. Brandon kept wanting to sneep tastes of the frosting "glue" and little candies...that's my little sugar fiend for ya. Sarah bit the leg off the gingerbread man, so he became a criple....:) This is the first Christmas since the divorce and I am praying that it is a good one, and all the scheduling works out. I don't want either Randy or I to miss out celebrating with the children. My kids are so amazing to me the way they have adjusted and dealt with al the son has started to toughen up a little, which was needed. Sarah has always been the easy going one...she just goes with the flow. My relationship with her has gotten stronger, and we are like girlfriends now too. They mean everything to me. Today I am having the plasma TV Brendan bought installed in my bedroom - I plan on keeping the children home from school when the first storm hits so we can lay in bed all day and watch movies together, eat crap together, laugh til it hurts- paint nails (just the girls) and have a bonding play sick day. The kids are really excited for when a storm hits!! Randy has gotten the kids involved with climbing at Pacific Edge and I am so thrilled they have that activity they enjoy together. I am still trying to figure out what activity I can share with them. Usually I have all Sarah's friends - I love all her girlfriends like my own- over the house on my weekends also so we do whatever they want. This weekend we are cutting down our Christmas tree and decorating it with friends. Anyway - I guess I am rambling....I just want everybody to know my kids RULE!!! Posted by Picasa


Bob Gentile said...

Great PIC...KIDS Are Tough and you WILL Have an Awesome Christmas this year, even with the cripled Gingerbread man (poor guy)-- haha

Good luck with ur Plasma!! I love mine...not sure how I watched TV without it--lol I am also a huge fan of TIVO so when I turn that TV on I watch what I WANT to watch and ZIP through all those dang commercials.



Shari Baby said...

Yup - I lOVE TiVo also!! The plasma will be awesome - I canb't wait for this weekend watching movies in bed and snuggling with my boyfriend! It's supposed to storm - I love that!

Michele said...

awww cuzn, you make me SICK w/ all your martha stewart crap! :)

love you cuz.