Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Locked and Loaded....

This is another picture taken by Kelly at Strange Angel Studios in Santa Cruz - she is truly amazing!! I got back to an almost normal workout schedule today. I was feeling strong and ready to dig in ! I ran 5 miles at a moderate pace - 7:35 this morning - then did a CrossFit workout with Brendan, Annie, BK and myself at 11:00 - this is how it went :

Row 1,000 meters
21 thrusters at 65 pounds
max pull ups
21 thrusters at 65 pounds
max pull ups
row 1,000 meters

It was great to work out with Annie - even though she finished before everybody...and that even after having a baby a few months back :) By the way, I am in LOVE with her daughter Dylan. And I always LOVE working out with my baby - it's the best...just his presence motivates me to push myself harder.
Welp - I'm going to bed. I'm whooped....I plan on doing a longer run tomorrow at 6am. Anyone want to join me ? Posted by Picasa


Jen said...

I would run with you but it's cold as hell here, 30*. Not to mention I could never keep up with you!

Shari Baby said...

It's cold as hell here too!! I hate it, but I might just stick to the treadmill today....:0

Bob Gentile said...

Shari WROTE: I ran 5 miles at a moderate pace - 7:35 this morning!

Ahhh you fast lady U... When I grow up I want to (no not be a lady--LOL) develop some MORE speed :-)

Well I am doing some good crosstraining so that hopefully will help with more speed and keep injury free!!

Nice Pic too Shari.

Take care,


Shari Baby said...

Thanks! I said moderate, because usually I can run faster - but I am still recovering. Trying to get my speed back as well :)
Take care

Shedevil said...

Oh girl trust me when I say that I can't WAIT to start running again so I will gladly run with you when I get better. Plus, I'm gonna need a couple training sessions with you to get back into shape.

Bob Gentile said...

YUP I know u can GO Faster...your Moderate pace sounds fast to me... When I read it before I was GEESH ... I want a Moderate Pace--HAHA

OK Go to my Blog and post what U want for X-Mas...Santa is stopping by soon :-)


Shari Baby said...

Okay, willl you call me already!!! We can start with the nutrition plan and get you going as far as that goes while you recooperate. Then we can get you scheduled for some sessions at CrossFit. I can't wait to train you!!!

Shedevil said...

Ok ok I'm on it. I'll call you later today. This blog thing is so cool. I even made one for my mom's side of the family. I've seriously been sitting here just wondering what good would it do me to get started with this whole diet thing when I can't excersize (I've been unbelievably depressed) but I would actually like to get down to a certain weight before I start excersizing.
Anyway, I will call you this afternoon.