Sunday, December 03, 2006

I'm coming home!!

This is me pushing it at the finish line in the California International Marathon. My finish time was around 3:29:20 or something like that. I ended up stopping to pee (because somebody wouldn't let me pee on myself -you know who you are) and i lost like 3 minutes waiting in line and stuff - I had to really push the last 3 miles to try and get there by 3:30. The weather was awesome for a marathon - cold and brisk but no rain, not hot or too sunny....beautiful! More pics to come....Hey, thanks to everybody for sending me the love and encouragemt and good energy for the race this weekend. I felt it and it kept me going. I was having right hip and leg problems starting 2 days ago and going into the race I felt I might have a problem. I felt strong - doing an average of 7:35 minutes miles until mile 20 - the the hip and legs hurt like HELL with every step I took....I thought "Hey, Coach Glassman might really know what he's talking about when he says endurance sports aren't good for you." I observed the racers around me - their once pushed back and strong shoulders now hunching over and rounded, their stride fucked up and knees knocking, arms crossing over in front of the chest line - they looked wounded. People were dropping like flies all around me. Weird - we do this why ? I think after Boston and an attempt at a 50 miler I may just put all my strength and energy into becoming a strong CrossFitter and run races like 10k's, 13milers and an occasional marathon. Catra, I have no fucking idea how or why you run 100's back to back like you do. You must be nuts. Running 26 miles fast sucks ass - everything in you says stop. Anyway - I feel great and thanks to everybody for getting me to the finish!!! Posted by Picasa


Jen said...

Awesome Job! Great Pictures! I can't believe you can rn so fast for so long! Holy crap! Running is one hard ass sport. Nice job S! I think I'll stick to 100 mile bike rides. LOL. After my last 100mile ride I did have that same look of sickness on my face...yuck!

Shari Baby said...

Hey girl - thanks!! Yup, running is so fun and rewarding, but it also SUCKS ASS when you race!! Man do I feel like I was hit by a ....somthing large My leg hurts so bad that it actually woke me up ! Stupid. I'm going to get a massage at 9, so that'll help...C-ya. Keep riding those 100's

Catra said...

Great job! That to me is an awesome time!
Shari, restroom what's that? I just stand off to the side and stand and pee. You will see it demonstrated during my 42 hour run.
I'm serious running Ultra's is way fun 100 miles is the most fun. You will see :)

I know the pain of running hard road marathons. It hurts!
I never complain in a race because I know it's my choice to be out there. Ok, I may cry a little and get delerious but it's part of the fun ;)
I'm so proud of you.

Shari Baby said...

Believe me - I am all about peeing on myself or at the side of the road. But SOMEBODY asked me to use some tact, so i listened like a good little girl :)Maybe some day I will attempt the 100 - but after hearing about your bladder probs, I dunno. YUP, running fast sucks. I want to get faster tho :) Thanks for being proud of me....xoxo