Sunday, December 03, 2006

Finish line fun with statues

Okay - don't make a huge naked Greek God Poseidon statue and not expect people to take stupid pictures like this.
His "danger zone" looked weird :0 Posted by Picasa


Catra said...

Ha Ha I love this picture you're a goof ball just like me ;)

Shari Baby said...

YUP - I was tired, sore, sick, hungry, cold, dirty, cranky....but I still know a good picture when I see it. Hey - Poseidon was just begging for it!! ;)

Shedevil said...

What are you wearing in this pic? It looks like foil, it kinda looks like this sweatsuit I had a long time ago. Is that what it is? Anyway, cute picture, you're a funny girl.

Shari Baby said...

Yes - it's foil. For some reason they think this will make you feel warm after a marathon - it doesn't!!! They hand them out in winter races....thanks for the note. Love ya