Sunday, December 03, 2006

Where's my baby!!??

Oh my god - this was me after the finish when I saw Brendan. It was like a panic inside me because I was so hurt and in pain - I was crying and just wanted him to hold me - I was ready to push people out of the way to get to him. I think I did!! Again, we do this to ourselves ....why ??? Posted by Picasa


Catra said...

We do it because we can!
Because we have healthy addictions now.
We no longer need drugs to fuel us, running gets us high!

Shari Baby said...

You're right girl!! But I coulda used some drugs when I finished ;) hee hee....I am glad you are well now like Ran and I. I remember driving to the Underground with you and Jason and Ran and I in my red Hyundai all spun out of our minds. You were messing with some lunchbox purse you had in the back seat. Oh...and the Catra doll...I remember that too . Oh, and you sewed me black pleather short shorts....remember that ? Or were you too spun ? Hey, maybe I still have them somewhere. I'll look for em :0

Shari Baby said...

Hey I just remembered when Randy and I went to visit you and Jason at his moms house and I think I already had Sarah. She was a baby baby and I was still fat. You were getting ready to go for a run and you grabbed your shoes from the front door and took off. I remember thinking "WTF...she RUNS now ? Weird."