Saturday, December 02, 2006

You can do it anywhere!!

L sit that is!!! I did a little 4 mile run this morning at an easy pace just to get my muscles warmed up and ready for tomorrow. Last night Brendan was l sitting in my kitchen so i thought I would do it today while the coffee was brewing. No excuses - just get it done!!
Yesterday's workout was this :

1 rope climb
15 pushups
20 squats
How many rounds in 20 minutes ??

I did 12 rounds (I think) Eva T. and I were tied for first female....I love working out with Eva - she's so strong and such an inspiration to me. Well - I'm off to pack my race stuff and get a little OCD'd about it and drive to Sacramento to attend the Expo. Again - thanks to all for yesterday and make sure to send me the love for tomorrows race. I WILL be sporting a CrossFit shirt - gotta represent ya know?! Posted by Picasa


Jonny Ringo said...

Good Luck tomorrow Shari. I know you'll do great! I hope you'll have pictures to post when you get back.

Catra said...

Have fun! I know you will!
Darn next week won't work I will be training in Lake Tahoe!

The following week is my b-day run. I'm running, walking, crawling and hiking for 42 hours.

Maybe you could come out and help modivate me on Saturday the 16th.
I ran with Michele your cousin today she is so sweet and fun.
She's going to try to come out too.

Maybe you both can help kick my ass up Mission Peak at least once.
I'm starting at 5am on Friday and will finish on Saturday at 11pm.

Eva T. said...

go shari

Eva T. said...

go shari

CrossFit King said...
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Shari Baby said...

Im gunna do a post in a minute as soon as the pics download - I had a great time!

Shari Baby said...

I'm jealous!! Mishie mamma is so fun! I love running with her and just hanging with her. I'm glad you got to run togerther!! Well - maybe I can come out and train with you!! I would LOVE to motivate you on your birthday run girl!! Let me know the dates and stuff and I'm there. Can you run at all this coming weekend ? Let's work it out! I'll posrt some pics and my time next-thanks for the messqage :)

Shari Baby said...

thanks for your messages! It means alot to me that you thought of me!!! Love you girl!!