Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Pullups with Brendan are WAY more fun!!!

This is a pic from our workout we did together the other day. Today we did a workout that I wrote...

run to hydrant (200 meters)
12 shoulder presses 45 #
12 back squats 105 #
run to fed ex (400 meters)
9 shoulder presses
9 back squats
run alley loop (600 meters)
6 shoulder presses
6 back squats
run Caldwell loop (800 meters)
3 shoulder presses
3 back squats
run big loop ( just short of 1 mile)

It was a great workout - very metabolic, which I wanted since I need it after Christmas. I programmed it with 21-15-12-9-6 reps, but changed it. I would have liked to go heavier with both weights, since it was too easy. Maybe 55# shoulder presses, and 125 # back squats. I finished in 22:10 with breaks in between and a nasty head wind on the runs. I finished my workout with some L sits, knees to elbows, GHD sit ups and the workout and tel me what you think.... Posted by Picasa


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

What an interesting workout. Good job! Did you run into any fategue problems with the lifts late in the workout after the running? How hard did you do the runs? I know...questions, questions, questions. It's my nature.

Shari Baby said...

No not any fatigue - I just should have went heavier for sure. The runs did suck a little afyter the back squats though. Do tghe workout and let me know what you think.....The lifts get shorter while the runs get longer...