Friday, December 29, 2006

Tabata Hell...

Today's workout was painful! Brendan dished it out to Annie and the 9:00 group - so at 10:00 when we asked Annie to train us, she dished it right back!! OUCH! A taste of your own medicine :) Here it is :

Tabata shoulder press (20#)
run 200 meters
Tabata push press
200 m run
Tabata push jerk
200 meter run
Tabata squat
200 meter run
Tabata deadlift
200 meter run
Tabata overhead squat
200 meter run
WOW - this one hurt - my shoulders are TAXED! I have been doing a lot of push/pull movements this week and I can feel it. My knee is still sore, so no running for me today. Brendan and i have clients at 2, so when we're done maybe I'll do a 2k row for time or tempo just to get a good sweat in. I feel like I need one!! Posted by Picasa


Jen said...

OMG! Do you mean your were doing 8 sets of all those things?? Then running..OMFG! Ok I'm going to have to do that one! When I have like a wole day to complete it!
Happy new year!

Shari Baby said...

I know - I was really hard! Crazy stuff, huh ? yup 8 sets of all of those exercises and it was 20 seconds of work - 10 second of rest, not the other way around too...give it a try girl

GB said...

THAT sounds like an awesome workout! Two more days until I get started (at a snail's pace) on the CrossFit exercises. Can't wait! Thanks for your input via email.

Shari Baby said...

Silly Lilly,
No this Valerie ? Or Michele ? Or Glorybelle ? Hmm....

GB said...

Sorry Shari, I should've indicated it was Glorybelle. Have a good one!