Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas with Brendan's family..

Last night I took the kids to Brendan's mom's house to have Christmas with his family. It was the first time that Kaye met my kids. I can't believe how sweet she was - she had stockings stitched with our names on them - even my kids. She filled the stockings with great stuff for them and Meadow, Brendan's sister got the kids gifts also. It meant so much to me that Kaye opened up her house and her heart to my kids like that. Meandow and her husband Marcus (in the pic) have 2 children - Austin and Alysa and my kids got along with them great. Next we'll take Sarah and Brandon to meet Brendan's little brothers Ryder and Dylan - hopefully this weekend and we'll go bowling ;) Posted by Picasa

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