Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Anderson sisters!!

This is me and my cousin Jeni when we were small...Jeni and I are more like sisters and were always together when we were growing up. During high school she lives a few blocks away from me and we managed to get into a lot of trouble together, and hang out almost every day. She's probably gunna be pissed that i posted this pic, but I love it because I'm holding her hand....I always wanted to protect her and keep her safe. I still feel that way - I want her to be happy, safe, protected....her husband Sean does a great job of that for me. She's moved to Texas so I haven't seen her in a while and it sucks! Although we talk daily.....during the past year when I was going through my divorce, my friends leaving me, trying to figure out what i was goingt o do with my life - Jeni was the one who was there for me. She always had something encouraging to say to me, and also told me that hard stuff that I needed to hear - not just the stuff i wanted to hear. I love her for that!! I have a huge family and have grown up with many cousins - all are my best friends. My dad had something like 9 brothers and sisters, they all had kids and we always did things together. Picnics, baseball games, outings to the snow...stuff like that. When I was little I took for granted the fact that I had such a huge caring loving family - now that I'm older I realize how lucky I was. Most people I know don't have a big family and they aren't close with them. Growing up I alwasy had at least 4 aunts/uncles and numerous cousins within a few blocks of me. Jeni, Michele, Lisa, Christine, Patty, Cliff, Tony, Stacy....I saw them all the most and went to school with some of them. Whatever size family you have - cherish them all. I can't wait to see everybody at Christmas and have some yummy food, and catch up withthose who have moved away. Jeni won't be there and i hate that! Maybe next year ???Kiss your family this Christmas.......:) Posted by Picasa


Auggie's mom said...

Awwwc cuz, look at you, the little princess as always! :) And what the hell are you wearing, Jenny? An elephant jumpsuit?! Ha ha ha! I have no room to talk, I was always the dorkiest dresser! Jenny, you look so much like aunt Judy here.
Love you both. Xmas eve. should be fun!

Shedevil said...

Oh shari this pic is adorable!! It reminds me of how close my cousins are to me as well. We all grew up like siblings.

Brian said...

Now there is a side of Shari I have never seen before. :^)

Tell Jen I said HI. It sounds like she is doing well and that is wonderful to hear.

Shari Baby said...

Mishi mamma -
Hey cousin....get ready - the next picture i post will have you in it!! :0
Love you and can't wait to see you Sunday either - wha are you bringing ?

Shari Baby said...

Hey girl - had fun talking with you today. Go see that movie, okay ?

Shari Baby said...

I know right ? The "princess" side of me....(ya right)
I'll tell Jen you said hi
Merry Christmas!!

Bob Gentile said...

Great Pic ... i can only imagine as those two grew older how they just had fun teasing the boys and getting into trouble- lol

oh well thats what kids do, they get into trouble and hopefully not too much and then they learn not to get into trouble hopefully :-)