Sunday, December 17, 2006

Tree Hunting....

Today Brendan and I took the kids to the local Christmas Tree farm to pick out a tree. We were planning on cutting one down at Cress Ranch, but decided we didn't have the time that it would take to drive there and hike the hillside in search for the 'perfect tree.' Besides, the kids already cut one down with their dad last weekend. We ended up getting the perfect tree for our little beach house, and it fits great ! We hung out this afternoon and decorated the tree together - it was a fun time and I'm glad I got to share this Christmas with Brendan. I've been a little moody lately, and he has been more than patient with me - sometimes all the things I left behind, all the changes that I've gone through and all the unknown that lies ahead of me takes over completley, and I feel almost paralyzed by the thought of it all. I mostly try to remain positive and have an excited attitude about life - but sometimes I get introverted and go within myself to sort my feelings and figure out what i don't like and how to change it. I've never really thought about how it might be affecting Brendan, or how he might take those introverted times of mine the wrong way. I do now. The last thing I want is to put a wall between us in our relationship. I am learning so much!! Tomorrow I have a meeting with my client Heidi and I am excited to get started training her and teaching her about the Zone. Tomorrow is our first consultation and we will go from there. ...I can't wait! Have a great day everybody - tell the people dear to you that you love and appreciate them :) Posted by Picasa

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