Friday, December 08, 2006

Ready for Christmas!!!'s cold today! I have always loved the cold weather. You get to bundle up in sweaters, boots, hats, scarves. Cuddle up in a warm bed and be movies. I love it all. I went for a long run this morning and boy was it COLD out there! But, I still loved it. The storm is bringing in some huge waves, so there were a lot of surfers out at the point. It felt great to run outside again... I haven't since the marathon, because I was recooperating and using the treadmill instead. I just got the HUGE 42" HD Plasma TV that B bought installed on my bedroom wall and i am super STOKED!! This weekend will be all about relaxing in bed (after running of course) and watching movies. I can't wait!! My body needs the rest, and so does my mind! I've been struck with some news today that my x husband has gone out on some dates with my friend. It was hard to take at first, because I always thought friends and x's were off limits. She says it's not to that point yet - even if it is - I will be happy for him. He deserves to find somebody and be happy like I am. I want that for him. Plus I love her as a person and my kids know her - I guess that makes it easier, if there is an easier. I have been learning a lot of lessons about what friendship really is - some have been hard lessons - but there is always an upside to the down side, right ? I can only be responsible for how i act - not what is done to me. I have learned to communicate better and that talking about the hard stuff is good - not bad.

Thought for the day : "Success is determined by how you handle setbacks."
I have had my share of setbacks this year - but I am handling it okay I think. I am trying to embrace the quote that says "that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger" - I am getting stronger every day!! Having Brendan in my life has changed me for the better...I am thannkful for him more and more everyday!!! :) Posted by Picasa


JeffO said...

I'm a stranger here - found you from Catra's blog.

BTDT with relationship and kids. Really glad to here you & x have a great attitude. Even so, it's not easy.
My son still slips up and makes comments like his mom & I will be getting back together. He knows that's not possible but I think fantasizing about it probably helps him cope, so I'm not sure I should destroy that fantasy.
Negative behavior hurts ourselves. No matter how it may hurt, your great attitude speaks volumes to your kids. They're watching and recording everything their mom & dad does.
Thanks for being strong and an inpiration. I feed off people like you to keep on being a source of positive energy for my friends.

Shari Baby said...

WOW! Funny, I don't see me as being like you described, but hell - I will take it! I am learning every day and trying to cope as best I can for the children and to build a better relationship with my x. We met in Jr. High and have been great friends up until I cheated and left him. We are doing great so far, and I hope to become friends again ....How old is your son ? My kids used to say things like that too - then they realized it wasn't going to happen so they stopped. They have been great! Very loving, supportive and well adjusted. Keep your chin up!!

Bob Gentile said...

Shari WROTE:I can only be responsible for how i act - not what is done to me. I have learned to communicate better and that talking about the hard stuff is good - not bad.
BEST Part of your POST right there...well other then the 42in Plasma--LOLOL

How WE ACT when life has it's BUMPS in the road DEFINES who we are!


Jen said...

Shari, Your a trooper! I love how honest you are. That is so refreshing! By the way how cold does it get in CA? When I got up today it was in the low 20* maybe even in the teens! Yuck!
Give your man the Crossfit King a message that I'm waiting for a new blog post from him! Lets see what he's been up to!??!

Shari Baby said...

Back when I was going to church the pastor did a sermon about that. "Attitude of gratitude - you cannot control what happens TO you, but you can control what happens IN you" I'm trying to embrace that thought even though I have had it with church people. Thanks for stopping by. Oh, and YES, the plasma RULES!!! :)

Shari Baby said...

Thanks for your words! I am a *you get what you see* kinda girl and being honest feels really healing to me. I post my thoughts basically to get it out of me - I'm glad you think it's refreshing. Yea, I know Brendan needs to post new stuff for sure!! I'll get on him about it today ;) Oh, we are going to be doing a battle video for the Crossfit main page next week. Should be interesting - I'm the runner and he's all strength so the workout will be designed with both elements and we'll see who wins!! (Root for me!!)

Shari Baby said...

I forgot to answer your question about the cold - okay so we are a little spoiled in aint as cold as the teens...but it's cold enough for this girl. Stay warm!!

JeffO said...

My son is 13. There never seems to be an "easy" age. I think the most we can do is make sure our kids know we love them and will be ther for them.
Hey I like waht your pastor said about attitude and gratitude.