Saturday, December 16, 2006

Happy Saturday!!

I am a little behind on blogging - I haven't been taking too many pictures I guess :0 - so here's a pic of my new darker hair color that Jason over at Stranded Beauty Bar did for me yesterday. I love dark hair on me - nobody knows that i am really a dark blonde - it's my secret. Anyway - workouts.....
Yesterday I did Brendan's 9am class which was this :

5 snatches left arm 30 pounds
5 snatches right arm 30 pounds
5 hand stand push ups
2 rope climbs

5 rounds for time. I don't remember what my time was but I got done first.... Went for a 7 or so mile run this morning along East Cliff which was cool because I have been running on the treadmill trying to get my hip feeling better. It was giving me a little trouble, but for the most part I felt great just getting outside and running. Today Brendan, Brandon and I are going to one of B's clients house (he's also a good friend) to bake cookies and hang out. I haven't started baking for Christmas yet - guess I'm trying to stay AWAY from that so i don't eat it long as I limit myself to ONE I'll be okay. (But we all know how THAT goes, don't we)!! I've lost some weight since the marathon, which always happens, so I'm down 4 pounds from normal which puts me at 102 - so I can afford to step out of the Zone for a taste of sweets today.....I can't wait!! I'll make sure to bring along my organic beef jerkey and cashews to balance it out though..Have a great day everybody !!!- Posted by Picasa


CrossFit King said...

I am so lucky to have such an amazing and beautiful women in my life. You are so Hot!!!!

Coop said...

Hi Shari,
I found your site via the CF site. I admire your openess which is rare these days. I'm going to put your blog as a link on my site ( I'm sure that a lot of my clients, especially my female clients will be inspired by you.
Take care,

Jen said...

Shari, I dig the hair! Great workout. Man you run a lot. It's been so nice here. I rode the other day, I felt so free. Riding has always been my best escape.
Enjoy your Holiday with your man and kids.

Auggie's mom said...

Cuzn, I dig the hair . . . but don't want to hear about you losing any more weight! You're going to float away! Eat some damn cookies!! :) ha ha! Love you.

Shari Baby said...

Thanks for the stop by and the kind words. I appreciate you putting me on your site. If I can help anybody that would rule! I am pretty open these days - sometimes it gets me in trouble with being too vulnerable, but I don't care. It's who I am....Take care man!!

Shari Baby said...

Hey girl! So glad you have been able to ride and it's not freakin COLD!! I feel the same freedom when I energizes me and makes me feel peace. Sounds like you get the same feelings from riding :)

Shari Baby said...

Mishi mamma,
Cousin....I ate some cookies yesterday so when the next gust of wind comes i DOUBT that i will float away! I'm gunna go for a run this evening to work them off :)
How did Cat's bday run go ?? Love ya

Shari Baby said...

I feel the same way about you! You are such an amazing man I have no idea how the hell I got so lucky as to find you in my life!!! Plus your hot as hell ;)

Shedevil said...

Oh girl, I love it. I just re-dyed my hair black the other day. I love the dark hair with your light eyes, it's a great look ;). Anyway, can't wait to meet up with you today, sorry it'll be a little later then expaected, but I'll be there with cowbells on, teehee!