Sunday, December 03, 2006

CrossFit finish baby!!

Yup - I'm representing the CrossFit community at the Cal International....At this point I was feeling much better. No more motion sickness and leg cramps. Now I just need food. Okay, about the actual race - I felt strong until mile pace was a 7:33 - 7:45, slower than i wanted - but with my hip feeling the way that it did I was going to take anything I could get! I made sure to have a great dinner - Filet Minon and vegetables, B had lamb and vegetables - we ate and headed straight to bed. Well, I went to bed while Brendan watched a movie. I was alsppe by 9pm and up at 4:30. We ended up driving 3 other runners to the start because the bus from the hotel already left. Can U believe that ? If they didn't see us, I don't know what they would have done. So - we started the race by saving the day for 3 lucky athletes. Andrew, one of the passengers in our truck, finished in like 2:45 or so!!! The other 2 women were first time marathoners and i was able to encourage them and give them some pointers about the course. Cool huh ? You never know when you are going to be used to help other people!! Posted by Picasa

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