Monday, December 04, 2006

Aquarius Dec 4th 2006

"This week I propose that you feel gratitude for every person who has ever told you that you were inadequate, that there was something wrong with you, that you would never amount to anything. You might even carry out a little ceremony in which you bow down to an altar containing their photos or slips of paper on which their names are written. And why am I suggesting this ? Because those jerks helped motivate you to become as cool as you are! And if I'm reading the omens correctly, it's time to summon a huge new burst of creative energy as you disprove their misbegotten ideas about you even more completely." - the Metro astrology..

YUP - that's exactly what i am doing. There have been many people in my life who made me feel like I wasn't good enough - that I couldn't do anything. Well, I am breaking out of that mindset and starting to take steps to become a new person, a stronger one. I want so much out of life - I am scared to grab it, but i am doing it anyway!! One little step at a time. It all starts with my insides....changing my mindset and becoming a strong woman. Hell, that's what the photo shoot was for - so I can see what a strong beautiful woman I am....not the peice of garbage that my inner dialogue tells me I am, or voices from my past. I am woman baby!!! Can you handle it ??? Posted by Picasa


Catra said...

I love this picture! I hear ya!!!
Love yourself! You are beautiful and don't let anyone tell you're not!
I don't let those energy vampires in my life anymore.
When they come I just put a stake through their heart ;)

Catra said...

just ordered a bunch of cool stuff from these two web stores. They have a lot of Classic Hardware stuff. ordered some clothes from them.
I went to order a heart lock necklace for 32 bucks and well I checked out with 165 bucks on my credit card ;)
Don't go to crazy, I think you will we have the same taste in clothes and jewlery.

Bob Gentile said...

Good POST... Not sure why so many women are insecure inside...

I have MET so many AMAZING women in my life and still a lot of them doubt themselves internally over what people say...

WELL You GO Get it Shari!!...and it's OK to TURN off that MIND sometimes... I been telling people for a long time, the dang MIND can get in the way of our DREAMS sometimes so TURN it OFF and GO get It DONE!!!!

YES I may be new to this running but I am not NEW to success and making things happen!...I have IGNORED a lot of how I thought inside and what people thought, I just went with my GUT Feelings!

1% Doubt YOUR out!! and HOW you RAN that Marathon last week... I really Don't SEE too Many DOUBTS in YOU...

when they Come IN just TURN OFF THAT MINDDDDDDDDDDD--lol

PS: Great PIC

Shari Baby said...

Tahnks girl! I had such a great time and all the pics turned out HOT! Wow - I didn't know I could look like that...I will arm myself with stakes and a hammer - I'm out to kill the vampires baby. Thanks for the hint ;) Oh - I am going to get online right now and check out those websites. I'm getting my girlfriend into Classic Hardware - maybe a Christmas gift ? Oh..and many for me of course!!!

Shari Baby said...

OMG I love ya!!! Thanks you made me laugh! I will TURN IT OFF - that silly mind of mine!! Hey, glad you decided to come over to the crazy runner side. You will love it here :)

Shedevil said...

OMG Shari, awesome pic.

Shari Baby said...

Thanks Heidi!