Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Look at the baby!!!

I am in LOVE with Annies baby - Dillon Kioko....she is the cutest little thing i have seen in a long time. Plus I get to play auntie at Crossfit and rock her to sleep....sometimes even feed her the bottle while mom is teaching class. I tell you what...when those days come, I am the happiest chick around. I always wait for Dillon to cry then I swoop in and take her. I have always loved babies. In fact, I am the happiest when I have a baby in my arms to cuddle, rock and love. Annie dressed her up like Curious George for Halloween and her costume was adorable! Hopefully she will be there tomorrow at 10:00 so i can play auntie again!!! Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 30, 2006

There's more to life....

than running and competing. I was starting to feel a little envious of people who can put alot of time and energy into competing in long races and training and traveling to awesome locations for racing. Then I remembered something my friend Gretchen told me on one of our runs. She told me about herself in college, and how she was one of the best in track and field, except for one rival that she always wanted to beat. (Now I may get some of the story incorrect, but the basic message will be right.) Anyway, Gretchen had a decisioon to make - should i continue in my training and pursue being the best ? Or do I stop and go after what matters more in life ? Well - she decided to get married and raise a family. Her rival decided to continue on....years later after Gretchen's kids were a little older she started running again..not as fast and as hard as before, but she ran because she LOVED it.. at one of the races she saw her rival there. Gretchen was feeling slow and maybe a little less than...but her rival told her how she envied Gretchen because she had kids and she never took the time to have them and she was too old for that now.

Like what happens to people when they put their lives in such a selfish state when the glory is allover ? What if they break a leg ? What will they have when they get old and can't run anymore ? I have my children!!! They are my legacy and way more important than any race or selfish ambition I could EVER have. I am in love with life and being with those who matter to me...I am not envious anymore. Because I know in their heart of hearts they wish they took the time away from themselves to have their own children....thanks Gretchen and Robin for diving me perspective . I love you guys!!! Now....let's go for a run!!!
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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Dancing with friends....

Jason, Meadow, Wendy, Brendan and I at the show having a blast!! I loved dressing up with friends and especially Brendan. We danced, and watched Meadow shake her ass too. I've never actually gotten to dress up and go out for halloween before.....it was more fun than I thought it would be and I hope to do it every year. Meadow had Brendan and my wedding completly planned out - she even took pictures last night that she will use for our invitations....:) God I love her.... I am so grateful to have good friends in my life and such an amazing boyfriend. Brendan really is my best friend. Today we hung out all day together and I never get enough of him. What an amazing feeling that is.... Posted by Picasa

Meadow Rules!!!

This is me and Brendan's sister Meadow downtown last night for the SuperBooty concert. I just love Meadow - she is fun and energetic...we just get along so well. Everytime i see her it's like we've been best girlfriends forever.....and when she showed up rocking the Aptos High cheerleader outfit I loved her even more!!! Sorry you got so drunk and puked in the bushes at mom's ....whoops!! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Launch Out!

My people, you have touched only the fringes. Yes, you have lingered on the shorelines. Launch out on the vast sea of My love and mercy, yes, My mighty power and limitless resources. For if you would enter into all that I have for you, you must walk by faith upon the waters. You must forever relinquish your doubts; and your thoughts of self-preservation you must forever cast aside. For I will carry you,and I will sustain you by My power in the ways that i have chosen and prepared for you. You shall not take even the first step in your own strength. For you are not able in yourself-even as flesh is always unable to walk the way of the Spirit. But my arm shall uphold you, and the power of My Spirit shall bear you up. Yes, you will walk upon the waves, and the storm will only drive you more quickly to the desired port. Be not fearful but believing.

I read this today in the book my running friend Gretchen gave to me. It's called "Come Away My Beloved" - a devotional. It makes me feel good to think that i am being swept along a course that is already planned out for me. All I have to do is to step out and trust. Sometimes that is the hardest thing to do! I have put my life into being a wife and stay home mother for 13 years - i home schooled both children til the 6th and 3rd grade. When I got divorced it was scary for me to think about who I am aside from those roles. Wife I knew how to do....teacher, I knew that one super well...mom, I LOVE being a mom. Finding out who Shari is has been the greatest struggle for me to figure out. I know a lot about myself, but now what I want to do in life. Sometimes I feel like i am treading water in life...not knowing how to swim forward for fear I could drown in the unknown. All I have to do is take the first step..it's okay for me not to know what's going to happen. I am learning it can be fun. Thanks Gretchen for a great book !!!
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Dinner with Pops...

Brendan and I went to dinner with his dad, Steve, and his step mom Tanya last night at the Shadowbrook. We had a great time! I love Brendan's dad because he's the happiest, coolest dad I have ever met. He's a surfer too, just like Bren and they go surfing together a lot. They have a relationship that I admire because Bren can tell his dad anything and they are great friends not only father and son. Tanya is awesome too. She's fun and energetic and I love talking with her. Before we met up with them, we met Brendan's mom and his grandfather for a drink. It was a family night......super fun :) Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

We are a running gang...watch out!!

Another awesome run with the Wednesday gang. I always get inspired by them whenever we run together. Listening to them talk about training techniques or lack of training, and just their lives always makes me laugh and starts the day off great! Today Lara brought a friend, I think her name is Holly, to join us. She is an Ironman and she talked about competing at Ironman Canada. I have a goal of doing an Ironman someday - hopefully on my 40th. I know...I can't swim, and my biking is a little weak. But I am a strong runner...so I just have to train a little more. I'm not ready for such a committment right now....I have other priorities in my life that mean more to me then racing right now. After our 7 mile run in Nisene I headed off to CrossFit. Brendan ran Annie and I through "Mary". 5 handstand pushups, 10 one legged squats and 15 pull ups. How many round can you get in 20 minutes ? I got a measley 9 rounds in today. I was STARVING!!! Annie and I talked and took our time together. It was fun though and a great workout. Thanks B... you're the best coach ever!!! xoxoxo Posted by Picasa

Group run today...

I get to run the trails in Nisene Marks today with some friends, and I can't wait! I love running in Nisene.....it's beautiful, hilly, and cool. Perfect running conditions for me. We always wear our skirts and take pictures along the way. It's how we have fun and goof off:) Gretchen and Lara are featured on the runningskirts.com web page under "skirts in action"...super cute! Today I am feeling good about my life and my relationship with my kids. I played games with Brandon last night, and pampered Sarah by giving her a pedicure and we chatted about her life. Sarah and I made calzones for dinner and she rolled the dough and filled them. She's already turning into an amazing cook. Brendan played Stratego with Brandon while we were cooking and they had a great time....until Brandon lost and threw a fit! My son is working on learning that the goal isn't always to win, but to enjoy what you are doing. I guess we all could learn that lesson. Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 23, 2006

We love pull ups!!!

Me doing Fran today - I love pull ups! They are fun for me. My max is 28, but I want MORE!!! I haven't tried to beat my record in a while, so who knows ?? Maybe I'll get on the board for that as well!!! Brendan says usually endurance athletes don't do well at CrossFit and that I prove that statement wrong....;) that makes me smile and want to try even harder!!! Thanks baby, I love you! Posted by Picasa

Monday Hell

Toadys' workout was a BITCH - "Fran"....21 - 15- 9 reps of thrusters (65 pound perscribed for females) and pullups. Yikes! It's hard for me to do a timed storm at night like this and I was nervous! I haven't done the perscribed weight for this storm before, due to my back injury, but I gave it my best! Pull ups are good for me - my max is 28.`My finish time was 6:13 which got me on the board. I could have gone faster if I did it when I was fresh.....not after running 2 times and late at night. Oh well....there's always a next time. And I have a feeling Brendan will give me one! Afterwards we did 4 reps for 8 sets of back squats and shoulder presses. I used 133 pounds for back squats, and 53 pounds for shoulder presses. SUPER hard after Fran!! I yelled out during Fran that i am just a little girl (I only weigh 104 pounds) and lifting the RX weight was HARD for me - but nobody cared. They just told me to keep going and that I was doing great. That's why I love them all!!! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Halloween Fun

There were so many years I didn't celebrate Halloween because of being a Christian and involved in the church. I was told how evil and bad the holiday was and felt judged if I even made slight remarks about even carving pumpkins...(thanks Rhonda). I always loved Halloween - in fact- I think it was always one of my favorite holidays. Simply because you get to dress up, eat candy, and get scared. I know there are aspects of the day that some people use for evil, sure. But....for the most part I think it's harmless. Looking back on my church years, I was so scared to be who I was inside for fear I would be judged, rejected or made to feel less than the others. I wanted desperatly to fit in and to be accepted. Now I realize that loving God has nothing to do with what man turns it into. I am free to be me - who He made me to be. To enjoy this world without being labled as a "bad Christian" or to be held in a box so i can match what everybody else thinks and believes. So, this year my son and I decorated the front yard like a graveyard for the first time in like EVER! So what! It's fun, harmless and we hope some of the neighborhood kids will be a little scared come Halloween night. We plan on getting more to add on to the look too ;) It was fun and we had a great day together. This is going to be a great year! Oh...don't get me wrong...I believe in God just like I always have. I just don't think having faith and being a Christian is as rigid as people make it out to be..... Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Kettle Bell Hell

This is Brendan killing the kettle bell workout. Have no idea what he did, but I really love this picture ! :) Tomorrow we're going for a run, then another busy day with lots of fun stuff planned. Feeling great..... Posted by Picasa

Pain Storm #2

Today was my turn for the "pain storm" workout. Clean and jerks 7 reps and ring push ups 15 reps times 7. It was a great workout and kicked my ass all over the gym. I did a 7 mile run this morning along the beach cliffs too. Thanks baby....you're the best coach ever, and an even better boyfriend. I love you :) Posted by Picasa

The look of total joy!!!

Brendan had my son laughing so hard when he breathed in helium and talked to him in that funny voice. I love watching my son laugh....it's the best! Posted by Picasa


Today Brendan and I took the kids to my dad's house for a birthday party Fear Factor style. Brendan met the rest of my family and they all loved him. My grandma commented on how happy she said I looked and how well our personalities match. It's true - if you are happy inside people will notice. I am blessed and feel content and happy from the inside out. I am so excited in my new life and have left every negative thought or connection to my past behind. This is where I want to be....this is where I belong. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 19, 2006

My man is an inspiration to me..

I know the way Brendan and I got together was very controversial, but I believe everything happens for a reason. I met him, fell for him, and couldn't get him out of my mind. We match. Simple, honest, we match. We are so much alike - he just gets me, and I get him. We have the same desires, wants, needs, passions....we laugh at the same stuff, and are all or nothing people.We can be ourselves around eachother, and it is so refreshing! I never thought I could feel fulfilled and look at my mate with desire and respect at the same time. But I do. I love you baby :) check out his blog where he will`post workouts and training tips brendanevill.blogspot.com Posted by Picasa

"You've got soul...you've got class..you've got style...you're BADASS...

Ain't no other man will do....aint no other man but you...." Today I cheered Brendan on during his workout. I am fighting a sickness, so decided to take the day off from CrossFit. He did 8 rounds of clean and jerks (8 reps) and ring push ups (15 reps). I love to watch him because I learn so much about proper form and intensity, plus he really keeps me motivated. . He really is such a strong man and never fails to impress me. Tomorrow he will coach me with the same workout. Posted by Picasa

Good Morning...

I LOVE wearing Brendan's clothes!! He's such a big man, that his shirt looks like a dress on me :) Last night was a hard night for me. I got my feelings hurt by my ex. What did Brendan do to make me feel better ? He took me to get pampered at Derma Bella in Aptos. An hour long facial and massage...he even bought all the products that Rowena used on me for me because "I want you to always feel like a princess.." I do feel like a princess when i am with him, I have never felt that way before. Like a woman....thank you for loving me well baby... I love you :)Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Beautiful day for a run!!!

Today Gretchen, Lara and I went to the Pogonip trail to do a nice run. The sun came out and it was a BEAUTIFUL day!! I swear we live in the best place ever...forrest, ocean...we got it all! The girls were stoked because I was a little sore today after running a lot, and heavy CrossFit workouts. Usually they put me in the middle so they can box me in and keep me from setting the pace too fast. Today, I didn't have a problem with that;) I had already done 10 x 800 meter repeats with negative splits at 6am, then ran with them, then had CrossFit session at 11:00 to go to.....yes, I am crazy. I like it that way. Brendan and I did Christine today. 500 meter row, 12 body weight deadlifts, and 21 box jumps for 3 rounds. WHEW! He has no mercy on me, and I wouldn't have it any other way! That was the warm up....then we did 85% of our max weight in deadlifts for 4 reps, and weighted pull ups. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My Reason...

My children are amazing!! This past year has been a year of complete change in their little worlds. They have adjusted well and have handled all the new things with grace. My son is growing into a little man, and my daughter a young woman. I love them with everything that I am and pray all the time that they don't hate me for all I have put them through. Maybe one day they will understand....I look forward to spending time with them, and to doing new things with them. I can't wait for it to snow so we can learn to snowboard together - and get bruised together ;) I love you guys!!!  Posted by Picasa

Play hard together...

Today Brendan and I got to workout together instead of him training me one on one. I love when his schedule allows that to happen. We did 4 reps for 8 round using 85% of our 1 rep max of both overhead presses and back squats for the heavy portion of the workout. Then we did tabata squats followed by 4 minutes of muscle ups for 2 rounds. Whew! Tonight we go on a night run together for 6 or 7 miles. As long as I am with him I don't care how far we run. He makes it so much more enjoyable to be out there. It's great to have a boyfriend who is a great coach. He's getting me ready for marathon season and Boston where I hope to finish with a sub 3 hour time. If it's possible, I know it's because I have his support!!! Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 16, 2006

I love you grandma....and Happy Birthday!

It was a beautiful place to be laid to rest. During our champagne toast to her life - we gave thanks that she is no longer bound to this world in pain. She lived her last 20 years (if I remember right) in tons of pain. She definitely didn't deserve that....at last she is free!!! Posted by Picasa

Final resting place....

Cousin Chris, Aunt Diane and myself release my grandmothers ashes along 17 Mile Drive in Monterey. Posted by Picasa

A Life Remembered...

Lou Ann Houser was an incredibly unique, energetic, fun loving, talented artist who was also one of a kind. No matter what we were doing when I was with her, it was exciting and filled with laughter. She was always ready to try anything new and weird. She let me cut her hair when I was only 8 - I did a terrible job. She made it seem like she just had her hair styled by the most popular stylist in the world..She taught me to bake our families Bohemian desserts, the words and melodies to her childhood songs filled the room all the while. A special bag of Milano cookies were always in the cupboard for me to enjoy every weekend I was with her. Her house was filled with the most intense unconditional love I have ever known. She was my santuary in my childhood. My mom was gone when I was only 6 and my dad never knew what to do. Every great memory I have was wrapped up in her. As her sickness started to take over her body and the pain grew more and more unbearable, she still managed to light up in her voice every time I called her. I was the only grand-daughter and she made me feel super special. Today I met my aunt and cousin in Monterey to remember her .We read letters written from family telling about great times they had with her and to fulfill her wish of being laid to rest along 17 mile drive. I will miss her incredibly. I only hope to take some of her laughter along with me, and be even a fraction of the amazing woman she was.  Posted by Picasa

True friends.....

Laura, myself and Gretchen running Fall Creek trail last week. These are amazing women from my track team I was a part of a couple years ago. Lara has just registered for her first Ironman - Ironman Arizona. Gretchen is an amazing accomplished runner and athlete as well. This past year has been difficult for me and full of changes. I lost almost all my friends. Robin has been the only one who stood by me through everything. Thank God for her!!Just when you think you have nobody, that's when God shows you your true friends. It has been a blessing....Gretchen and I run and talk about God and what He is doing in my life. Even when it's hard to see your path in life....God has it all in control.I am thankful for these women and for my other true friends..... Posted by Picasa