Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Play hard together...

Today Brendan and I got to workout together instead of him training me one on one. I love when his schedule allows that to happen. We did 4 reps for 8 round using 85% of our 1 rep max of both overhead presses and back squats for the heavy portion of the workout. Then we did tabata squats followed by 4 minutes of muscle ups for 2 rounds. Whew! Tonight we go on a night run together for 6 or 7 miles. As long as I am with him I don't care how far we run. He makes it so much more enjoyable to be out there. It's great to have a boyfriend who is a great coach. He's getting me ready for marathon season and Boston where I hope to finish with a sub 3 hour time. If it's possible, I know it's because I have his support!!! Posted by Picasa

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