Thursday, October 26, 2006

Launch Out!

My people, you have touched only the fringes. Yes, you have lingered on the shorelines. Launch out on the vast sea of My love and mercy, yes, My mighty power and limitless resources. For if you would enter into all that I have for you, you must walk by faith upon the waters. You must forever relinquish your doubts; and your thoughts of self-preservation you must forever cast aside. For I will carry you,and I will sustain you by My power in the ways that i have chosen and prepared for you. You shall not take even the first step in your own strength. For you are not able in yourself-even as flesh is always unable to walk the way of the Spirit. But my arm shall uphold you, and the power of My Spirit shall bear you up. Yes, you will walk upon the waves, and the storm will only drive you more quickly to the desired port. Be not fearful but believing.

I read this today in the book my running friend Gretchen gave to me. It's called "Come Away My Beloved" - a devotional. It makes me feel good to think that i am being swept along a course that is already planned out for me. All I have to do is to step out and trust. Sometimes that is the hardest thing to do! I have put my life into being a wife and stay home mother for 13 years - i home schooled both children til the 6th and 3rd grade. When I got divorced it was scary for me to think about who I am aside from those roles. Wife I knew how to do....teacher, I knew that one super, I LOVE being a mom. Finding out who Shari is has been the greatest struggle for me to figure out. I know a lot about myself, but now what I want to do in life. Sometimes I feel like i am treading water in life...not knowing how to swim forward for fear I could drown in the unknown. All I have to do is take the first's okay for me not to know what's going to happen. I am learning it can be fun. Thanks Gretchen for a great book !!!
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