Sunday, October 22, 2006

Halloween Fun

There were so many years I didn't celebrate Halloween because of being a Christian and involved in the church. I was told how evil and bad the holiday was and felt judged if I even made slight remarks about even carving pumpkins...(thanks Rhonda). I always loved Halloween - in fact- I think it was always one of my favorite holidays. Simply because you get to dress up, eat candy, and get scared. I know there are aspects of the day that some people use for evil, sure. But....for the most part I think it's harmless. Looking back on my church years, I was so scared to be who I was inside for fear I would be judged, rejected or made to feel less than the others. I wanted desperatly to fit in and to be accepted. Now I realize that loving God has nothing to do with what man turns it into. I am free to be me - who He made me to be. To enjoy this world without being labled as a "bad Christian" or to be held in a box so i can match what everybody else thinks and believes. So, this year my son and I decorated the front yard like a graveyard for the first time in like EVER! So what! It's fun, harmless and we hope some of the neighborhood kids will be a little scared come Halloween night. We plan on getting more to add on to the look too ;) It was fun and we had a great day together. This is going to be a great year! Oh...don't get me wrong...I believe in God just like I always have. I just don't think having faith and being a Christian is as rigid as people make it out to be..... Posted by Picasa

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