Monday, October 16, 2006

A Life Remembered...

Lou Ann Houser was an incredibly unique, energetic, fun loving, talented artist who was also one of a kind. No matter what we were doing when I was with her, it was exciting and filled with laughter. She was always ready to try anything new and weird. She let me cut her hair when I was only 8 - I did a terrible job. She made it seem like she just had her hair styled by the most popular stylist in the world..She taught me to bake our families Bohemian desserts, the words and melodies to her childhood songs filled the room all the while. A special bag of Milano cookies were always in the cupboard for me to enjoy every weekend I was with her. Her house was filled with the most intense unconditional love I have ever known. She was my santuary in my childhood. My mom was gone when I was only 6 and my dad never knew what to do. Every great memory I have was wrapped up in her. As her sickness started to take over her body and the pain grew more and more unbearable, she still managed to light up in her voice every time I called her. I was the only grand-daughter and she made me feel super special. Today I met my aunt and cousin in Monterey to remember her .We read letters written from family telling about great times they had with her and to fulfill her wish of being laid to rest along 17 mile drive. I will miss her incredibly. I only hope to take some of her laughter along with me, and be even a fraction of the amazing woman she was.  Posted by Picasa

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