Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Group run today...

I get to run the trails in Nisene Marks today with some friends, and I can't wait! I love running in's beautiful, hilly, and cool. Perfect running conditions for me. We always wear our skirts and take pictures along the way. It's how we have fun and goof off:) Gretchen and Lara are featured on the web page under "skirts in action"...super cute! Today I am feeling good about my life and my relationship with my kids. I played games with Brandon last night, and pampered Sarah by giving her a pedicure and we chatted about her life. Sarah and I made calzones for dinner and she rolled the dough and filled them. She's already turning into an amazing cook. Brendan played Stratego with Brandon while we were cooking and they had a great time....until Brandon lost and threw a fit! My son is working on learning that the goal isn't always to win, but to enjoy what you are doing. I guess we all could learn that lesson. Posted by Picasa

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