Wednesday, October 25, 2006

We are a running out!!

Another awesome run with the Wednesday gang. I always get inspired by them whenever we run together. Listening to them talk about training techniques or lack of training, and just their lives always makes me laugh and starts the day off great! Today Lara brought a friend, I think her name is Holly, to join us. She is an Ironman and she talked about competing at Ironman Canada. I have a goal of doing an Ironman someday - hopefully on my 40th. I know...I can't swim, and my biking is a little weak. But I am a strong I just have to train a little more. I'm not ready for such a committment right now....I have other priorities in my life that mean more to me then racing right now. After our 7 mile run in Nisene I headed off to CrossFit. Brendan ran Annie and I through "Mary". 5 handstand pushups, 10 one legged squats and 15 pull ups. How many round can you get in 20 minutes ? I got a measley 9 rounds in today. I was STARVING!!! Annie and I talked and took our time together. It was fun though and a great workout. Thanks B... you're the best coach ever!!! xoxoxo Posted by Picasa

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