Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday Hell

Toadys' workout was a BITCH - "Fran"....21 - 15- 9 reps of thrusters (65 pound perscribed for females) and pullups. Yikes! It's hard for me to do a timed storm at night like this and I was nervous! I haven't done the perscribed weight for this storm before, due to my back injury, but I gave it my best! Pull ups are good for me - my max is 28.`My finish time was 6:13 which got me on the board. I could have gone faster if I did it when I was fresh.....not after running 2 times and late at night. Oh well....there's always a next time. And I have a feeling Brendan will give me one! Afterwards we did 4 reps for 8 sets of back squats and shoulder presses. I used 133 pounds for back squats, and 53 pounds for shoulder presses. SUPER hard after Fran!! I yelled out during Fran that i am just a little girl (I only weigh 104 pounds) and lifting the RX weight was HARD for me - but nobody cared. They just told me to keep going and that I was doing great. That's why I love them all!!! Posted by Picasa

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