Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Now THAT's a CrossFit back!!!

I'm getting a little bored with writing my food for the day, so i didn't post yesterdays menu, sorry.

Monday's CrossFit workout:
800 meter run
50 back extensions
50 GHD sit ups
x 3 rounds for time.
I finished in 26:10:53
pretty good time- the 800's seemed easy for me, except the first round...

Tuesday's Workout:

Run 6 miles on treadmill at 6am at a 6:45 minute pace....

CrossFit Workout:
5 handstand pushups
10 pull ups
25 air squats
How many rounds can you do in 20 minutes ?
I managed to complete 10 rounds, which was pretty good.

The strict Zone must be working. I wanted cereal last night badly, but opted for a 2 block Zone bar as a treat instead...as it was I got in 10 blocks yesterday so i needed the extra 2 block bar for energy for today's workout!!
The handstand pushups are a little tricky for me, but after round 3 I got it down pretty okay, and the pull ups seemed easy. Brendan shot this pic of my back while getting ready to go upside down. He said it looked sexy. That's what I want.....a SEXY, STRONG back. I saw a while ago a picture of somebody's back and they labeled it 'crossfit back' but it didn't really look that strong to me....now THIS is strong!! hee hee....I want to be my heros Nicole, Eva and Annie when I grow up and have muscle like them!! I'm on my way.....

Monday, March 26, 2007


Sunday in The Zone....
got to actually sleep in....
8:30am - 2 eggs, 1/2 ounce cheese, 1 pc Canadian bacon, 1/2 english muffin, avocado, coffee with half & half (3 blocks since I slept in late)
12:00- wrap (2 blocks of carbs) 2 ounces turkey, 1 ounce cheese, avocado, spinach
3:00- 1/2 Zone bar
3:30 1 pc. rye bread, turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato, avocado, 2 mac. nuts (went to a deli and split a sandwich with B-not perfectly weighed, but I can eye it pretty well.)
6:30- 2 ounces baked chicken, brussel sprouts & cashews (low on carbs)
7:30- broke down and had 3/4 cup of granola with 1/2 cup milk. I was low on carbs today and just wanted to make them up and B was having cereal while watching "Rocky"....so I gave myself permission to have a little as well. It was YUMMY!!!
10.5 blocks today without the 2.5 blocks of cereal. Went a little over- but will consider this a sudo cheat day.


Saturday was a great day.....I got to go on a long run outside and hang out with the kids and Brendan all day!! Here's another day in the Zone...

6:00am- Zone bar &coffee with half & half

7:00am- 7.5 mile run outside along beach cliffs..

9:50- 2 eggs hardboiled, 2 t. cashew butter, 1cup strawberries, 1/2 cup blackberries.

11:50- Zone bar 2 t. cashew butter.

3:00- wrap (2 block carb) 2 ounces turkey, 1 ounce cheese (lunchmeat you get a little more of)

5:00- Zone bar (took my son to see TMNT and he had popcorn, soda and candy - I had my Zone bar...proud of me?)

7:15pm- 2 ounces grilled chicken salad with tomatoes. (low on carbs and we were at Seabright Brewery so Ihad to have 4 french fries)

12 block day and I didn't feel as hungry. Went to bed feeling satisfies with the extra fat I am eating and got lots of rest. Brendan saw Dead Silence movie with the girls while I watched TMNT with my son....the girls got scared so bad!!! No popcorn for me and I didn't really miss it either. I am determined!!

Friday night fun at the arcade...

Friday night Brendan and I took Sarah, Mia and Brandon to the SC Beach Boardwalk arcade to have fun.We played video games and a game of laser tag...it was Brendan's first time playing and he liked it a lot. After wards we went to Hank's at the Hook for a late dinner. I love eating there because it's easily Zoned. A little late on my food diary but here it goes for Friday....

6:00am - Zone bar

9:00am- 1 egg, 1 ounce cheese, 1 cup strawberries, 1/2 cup blackberries, 1 1/2 t. peanut butter.

10:00am CrossFit
Push Press 80#
weighted pullups at 20#
(was told by a few trainers I looked to lean and needed more fat. I lost 2 pounds and didn't want to do that so i increased my fat blocks to 5 x the normal)

12:00- 4 ounces tofu, 1 small pita with 2 T peanut & cashew butter, spinach & tomatoes

1:00- 3 macademia nuts (extra fat)

3:00- Zone bar

4:00- grande latte ( complete 2 blocker)

4:30- 1 ounce cheese, peanut butter and pita bread

9:00- 2 ounces grilled chicken, 1 cup brussel sprouts, 1 1/4 cups mixed vegetables, 3 french fries (low on carbs so I had a few fries to make up for it)

Roughly 13 blocks today. Since I did a hard workout and lost a total of 3 pounds in 3 days I uped my blocks to 12 -14 blocks a day with extra fat. I feel lean, strong, light on my feet but a little hungry. Hopefully the extra blocks & fat will cure that.....

Thursday, March 22, 2007

My Rant.....

Okay this is day 2 of my strict Zone diet.....here's my rant....
WTF is the matter with Americans and food ? That is my question. Last night Brendan and I watched a movie called "Fast Food Nation" it left me feeling completely disgusted with how people eat fast food(me excluded - I haven't eaten fast food in like 20 + years) It was alll about the shit Americans consume because we are all about fast fast fast. Oh and slaughtered beef - GROSS I think I'm sticking to chicken and fish! Today when I went to the grocery store I was acutely aware of all the people around me and what they were putting in their baskets. Not to mention how the stuff they were eating made them look. It seemed to me I looked anorexic compared to most of them. It made me feel very sad that they seem so unhealthy and do not need to be that way. It made my stomach turn. Frozen corn dogs, potatoe chips, soda, TV dinners, kids Lunchables, ice cream, donuts....sugar-sugar-sugar. THAT IS WHY WE ARE THE FATEST NATION PEOPLE! Shop the perimeter of the grocery store. Produce, dairy, meats....you cannot go wrong if you stay away from the center of the store. Safeway has this new ingenius nut bar. OMG you HAVE got to go there! They have every nut you can think of roasted and served warm to you. You can even make your own nut butter...awesome. I got a ton of nuts and cashew butter for my fat blocks tomorrow. I can't wait!! I don't mean to sound at all judgemental -well kind of not - but I don't know why i was so in tune with it today. Maybe because I am strict now...I dunno. When did food become the enemy people? It seems to me that people are eating to get them to an early grave instead of eating for health. Just a thought....PLEASE don't be offended by what I have to say. I was simply noticing how we eat as a nation...watching that movie really set it off for me.Here's my day #2...
6:00am Zone bar & coffee with half & half
9:00am - Crossfit workout
15 hang squat cleans 25 pound dumbells (50 # total)
400 meter run
repeat 4 rounds for time
I finished 3rd place in 19:23 or so....
10:00am 1 hardboiled egg, 1 ounce cheese, 1 cup strawberries, 1/2 cup blackberries, 6 cashews
12:45 barfed up my vitamins. NEVER take them on an empty stomach again...
1:45 4 cups greens, 1 cup diced tomatoes, 2 ounces grilled chicken, 6 cashews, 2 T salad dressing
3:00 Zone bar, coffee with half & half
7:00pm 1 ounce chicken, 1 ounce cheese, 1 corn tortilla(14 grams of carbs which makes it a 2 blocker) avocado & olive oil to crisp the tortilla
1 gallon of water consumed, more vitamins (duh!) and perfect 10 blocks for the day....
Okay...that's my rant. Hope I didn't offend anybody. I didn't mean to....

Eating in the Zone

As promised I'm outlining a day in the Zone....sorry so late! I ended up going to track last night which was AWESOME!!! I met the most incredible women there and we ran the drills together....thank God because I have a hard time pacing myself. It's way more fun to have a rabbit to chase!

5:00am - coffee with 1/2 & 1/2

head to CrossFit to train client

7:15- Zone bar (2 blocks)

9:00am CrossFit Workout: 30 kettlebell swings (35#), 20 bodyweight deadlifts, 50 air squats x2 rounds for time. 1 minute of jumping pullups (got 40 reps) rest 1 minute, 1 minute jumping pullups (got 42) Tabata L-sits mixed with ab mat full sit ups for 30 reps x 2 rounds

10:00- 1 hardboiled egg, 1 ounce cheese, 1 cup strawberries, 1/2 cup blackberries, 6 cashews. Coffee with 1T half & half. (2 blocks)

1:00- 6 cups greens(romain & spinach-raw), 1/4 cup carrots, 1 cup red peppers, 1 ounce cheese, 2 ounces turkey diced, 4 T salad dressing (2 blocks)

3:00- Zone bar (2 blocks)

6:00 track... Run 600 meters at mile pace 400 m recovery, 400 meters faster - 200 m recovery, 300 meters faster- 200 meter recovery, 200 meters faster-200 m recovery, 100 meters faster-400 meters recovery : Repeat 3 times.

7:45- 2 ounces grilled chicken, 2 cups mixed greens, 6 cashews (2 blocks)

1 gallon water consumed during the day.....10 blocks in the Zone.

Hope this helps you all. The picture is of my yummy dinner. It tasted so frickin good after the workout and being up all day since 4:30.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Back in The Zone

I have been eating the CrossFit prescribed diet - the Zone- for over a year now. It's gotten super easy for me and I love the way it makes me feel. That being said I have gotten pretty laxed about my measuring and weighing lately. As those of youu who eat the Zone know, if you don't weigh and measure you are NOT in the Zone at all!! So, being disgusted with my lack of focus on my eating I have decided to get strict and log what I'm doing here for you all..... I'm not looking to loose weight....a little fat maybe but most of all to improve performance and gain strength. I coach people on how to eat in the Zone.....so i had better be strict if I am requiring my clients to be!!! Stay posted this evening where I will break down my meals for today......

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Going out for sushi!!

Brendan took me out to sushi last night for dinner in the village. I never used to like sushi - now I LOVE it! I even eat salmon....crazy I know. One of our favorite places to go is Paradise Sushi in Capitola village....it's super good! Yummy cheat food! Today I am running outside for 8 miles at a moderate pace. No CrossFit today except back extensions and an ab circuit. Have fun - it's supposed to be HOT this weekend!!!

Finally relaxing!!

Friday was a busy day!! I woke at 4:15am and didn't stop moving until later that night to watch a movie!

Run outside 7 miles 7:06 pace....to 6:41 pace. 30 second sprint, 30 second off for 1 mile. When I rounded the corner to my house I was DONE. Then I get to CrossFit and this is what we did:

"Fight Gone Bad"
1 minute of work for each of the following exercises. After 1 round is completed you get 1 minute of rest. Repeat for 3 rounds. I decided to do a HEAVY version of FGB, instead of getting high reps, I went for heavy weights and lower numbers.

18 pound wall ball
32 pound kettlebell swings
box jumps
75 pound push presses (this was the prescribed mens weight)
row for calories.

The push presses were HEAVY but the highest number of reps I got was 17 in 1 minute - so I could have gone heavier and less numbers maybe. My arms and everything are definitely feeling it today!!!

Thursday Workout.....

Yup....this is another LuluLemon outfit....I guess I'm feeling colorful these days. This is my new favorite - the shorts have a front pocket for stashing stuff while running, and the bra top has a inside pocket in the straps for your ipod. Can't get any better than that!!
run outside 6.5 miles at 7:06 mile pace
10 squat cleans 20 pounds
15 box jumps
20 walking lunges
How many rounds in 20 minutes ?
I only got 7 in. My thighs were screaming from the earlier run I did. I guess that was an okay number......

Summer Dresses.....

I love when the weather gets warm enough to wear all the cute dresses! This was taken on Thursday evening - I know I'm so bad at posting these days so I'll try to catch up. I had to go to a co-parenting class that's required by the courts when you split from your partner and there are kids involved. I have to say it was SO HARD to hear everything that was said in class because it was all from the childs perspective on divorce. I looked around the classroom and everybody looked emotionless - except me who was in the back crying the entire 3 hours. I love my children so much and I just want them to know that even though the marriage between their father and me didn't work out, that we both love them with all that we are. I know that Randy and I are in a great place where we can communicate without yelling, and we respect eachother as parents. Thank God our co parenting style was the one that parents are supposed to strive for. It took a while, but we are giving the children the best and helping them to adjust. It's just very strange to stand back and look at where my life had led me. I want to be a better person and a better mother. I want to learn from my mistakes and bad judgements......the class was very informative and I was the nly one in that damn class taking notes - can you believe that ? Some people were even sleeping!! I don't understand that at all...this was information to help you help your children during a confusing time - take the damn notes and pay attention!!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Monday March 12th Workout....

Monday I got to hang out with baby Dylan and we had fun planting more flowers for the backyard.....she's the best!!

CrossFit workout:

  • 10 snatches 45pounds
  • 15 pullups
  • 20 thrusters 45 pounds
  • x4 rounds

I didn't time myself for this one - just got it done!!

Vivian's Birthday Workout with 2 trainers!!

My client Vivian celebrated her 41st birthday last week and Brendan and I trained her together as she requested. This is B running her through the Berg warm up....nice shrugs!!!

March 9th Workout:
Treadmill Run 6 miles 7:35 tempo pace

400 meter run
21 kettlebell swings
12 pullups
x3 rounds for time...

I finished in 9:59 with only 1 lung working!!! I needed my asthma meds by round 2, but didn't want to stop to get it and screw up my time so i suffered through. I'll revisit this storm soon to see if I can improve on my time at all....

Crazy Like ME!!!

So this is my silly son with some weird rubber spikey thing on his head.....don't know why....

March 7th workout :

  • Run 800 meters
  • 100 push presses for time 25# dumbells -finished in 9:03
  • run 800 meters
  • 100 deadlifts for time 25# dumbells - finished in 5:52

This was a hard one - the push presses got SUPER hard SUPER quick!!!

Saturday Workout With Zac!!!

This is a late post but I HAD to post the picture cause it ROCKS!!! Last Saturday I took Zac's 9am class and it was HARD and great programming....
555 meter row
5 reps 75 pound thrusters
5 lateral jumps
sprint to drain / walk back
444 meter row
5 reps 75 pound thrusters
5 lateral jumps
sprint to drain / walk back
333 meter row
5 reps of 75 pound thrusters
5 lateral jumps
sprint to drain / walk back
222 meter row
5 reps of 75 pound thrusters
5 lateral jumps
sprint to drain / walk back
111 meter row
5 reps of 75 pound thrusters
5 lateral jumps
sprint to drain / walk back
GOOD - ISN'T IT!!!??

Love the Colors!!!!

So this is my new outfit without the new jacket.....isn't it cute??!!
Run 7 miles at 6am 7:05 minute pace held the whole way with 30 seconds on/30 seconds off burts for 1 mile.

10 squat cleans 20# dumbells
15 box jumps
20 walking lunges
How many rounds in 20 minutes ?
I got 7 rounds in (somebody distracted me by talking to me so I lost some valuable time)

It was a great workout in the sun and I got to be trained by my honey so that's always cool!!!

LuLuLemon Girl

Yesterday Annie, Danielle, Dylan and I went to Burlingame to the LuLuLemon store where we shopped like crazy! In case you have never heard of Lululemon - it's the best athletic wear out there besides Nike!! They have great bright colors (as you can see) and the fabric breathes and hold shape during long hard workouts - AND the clothing makes you look smokin HOT! Brendan gave me his credit card (he must be crazy) and I got this outfit - green cropped pants with side ties, dark green jog bra top and the white running jacket....I LOVE THEM!!!!

After we got back Annie and I did a little workout - 30 second squat hold come up then back down for a total of 4 minutes. Then we did some handstand pushups for 4 minutes. I did GHD sit ups and back extensions.....that was all I had time for before i had to get my kiddos from school. Annie also bought me an AMAZING bag from LuLuLemon that's green and olive and I ADORE IT!!!!! I'll probably take a pic of it and post it so you all can drool like I do over it ;)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Gotta catch up on posts -


Back squats
10 @ 45
5 @ 75
3 @ 95
3 @ 115
3 @ 130
2 @ 140
2 @ 145
1-1-1-1-1-1-1 at 145 each rep.

5 x 5 ring dipps for practice

Tuesday :

Run 6 miles on treadmill

Overhead walking lunges at 33 pounds
21 burpees
x 5 rounds for time
(I timed myself but forgot to write it down...it was 13:57 or a little longer than that)


run 800 meters
100 push press for time 25 pounds 9:03 finish time
run 800 meters
100 deadlifts for time 25 pounds 5:57 finish time

Sitting on my orange throne....

Sunday Brendan and I had a great day together. We slept in which was nice since we wake up at 4 am every day of the week. We went for a nice 6 mile run together and the weather was gorgeous!! After we got back to the house I cooked up a yummy Zone breakfast - Cauliflower and chicken sausage frittata....and, yes it was GOOD!!! We decided to go over to Santana Row in San Jose to walk around - window shop - and eat at one of the many restaurants. We shopped for furniture, books, and whatever else caught our eyes. We had the best latte and fruit torte at the coffee shop - then had mexican food at the BEST place!!! The weather stayed warm and sunny and we loved to people watch. Let me tell ya, there are some fake ass people walking around Santana Row!!! We saw people with so much Botox in their faces and puffed up lips that they didn't even look like women....more like FISH!! Oh....and the hugest breast implants that I didn't even know how they kept from falling over on their puffed up faces! Anyway - coming back to laid back Santa Cruz was a breath of fresh air!!! We went into a furniture store and I saw this couch - I LOVE orange and I happened to have on the orange patent leather sandles and this couch matched me....so...I HAD to pose!! what a fun day.....I love having days like that when I feel close to Brendan :)

Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday Special Workout

Today Annie had a great workout planned while Brendan was being filmed doing 50 burpee pull ups racing against 2 other guys. Of course he won. Duh!

Here's the workout :

21 kettlebell swings
2 rope climbs
5 rounds for time

I finished in 11:06
Workout #2 was 100 ab mat sit ups for time
I finished in 6:10 (man my back was sore from the snatch workout yesterday - I'll post that sucker in a minute....
Workout #3 was how many squats can you get in 1 minute. I did 53....I rested a couple times when I should have been moving my ASS to the ground and back up again!! Workout #4 was a 440 meter sprint. I finished first in 1:32. I have NO idea why the board above says that Buff beat me - because he didn't even do the run - Annie ?!

Then I went for a 6.5 mile run and struggled the whole way because my ass and quads were in agony. Oh well. A for effort!!

Oh - Vivian corrected me and said that she actually lost 40 pounds - not 30 - sorry V!!

Thursday workout :
30 snatches for time. I used 33 pounds -I was more concerned with form since I don't do snatches very often.(yes, I can see the pun in there and I am choosing to leave it alone.)
Don't remember my time but I did well. Then we did 250 meter row sprints x4 with a partner. That was fun fun fun!!!

Tomorrow I am doing the WOD from yesterday and see what i can muster up. I plan on killing it and pushing as hard as I can. Getting to bed early and B will be there to cheer me on!!! Wish me luck!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

My awesome 6 am client Vivian....

This is me and my 6 am client V....she has changed by leaps and bounds since starting CrossFit back in June. She's lost around 30 pounds, gotten incredibly stronger than before and she inspires all around her. I started training her back at the end of December and since that time she has gotten faster on her timed runs, and we've increased the weight on several of the workout. I am beyond proud of her and what she has accomplished at CrossFit. Way to go Vivian!!!

On Wednesday this is the workout I gave her :

run for warm up (not timed)
stick stretches - practice deadlift and correct movement.

21 - 15 - 9
deadlift at 135 pounds
box jump
jumping ring dipps

x3 rounds
Her time was 15:42 and she kicked ASS!!! Brendan and I cheered her on when we noticed that she was close to beating a friends time....she pushed hard and managed to beat his time - cutting it close!!

Afterwards we worked on static hold handstands. She held it for 1:07. Getting into a handstand has been a skill that she was not able to do before being heavier. I -am -proud of you - say I am proud of you!!! Can't wait for tomorrow to train her again!!!
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My girls.....

I have the absolute pleasure of watching little Dylan for Annie on Monday's & Tuesdays for a few hours so she can train clients. Tuesday was my first day with her and my daughter Sarah wanted to stay home and be with me and the baby. She didn't have any tests in school, and so I let her take a "mental health" day. We took little Dylan for a walk by the ocean, took a lot of pictures and played all morning with her. Sarah is so amazing with babies and children. She has such a soft heart for them - and will make a wonderful mother some day - FAR AWAY FROM NOW!! :) Posted by Picasa