Monday, March 26, 2007


Saturday was a great day.....I got to go on a long run outside and hang out with the kids and Brendan all day!! Here's another day in the Zone...

6:00am- Zone bar &coffee with half & half

7:00am- 7.5 mile run outside along beach cliffs..

9:50- 2 eggs hardboiled, 2 t. cashew butter, 1cup strawberries, 1/2 cup blackberries.

11:50- Zone bar 2 t. cashew butter.

3:00- wrap (2 block carb) 2 ounces turkey, 1 ounce cheese (lunchmeat you get a little more of)

5:00- Zone bar (took my son to see TMNT and he had popcorn, soda and candy - I had my Zone bar...proud of me?)

7:15pm- 2 ounces grilled chicken salad with tomatoes. (low on carbs and we were at Seabright Brewery so Ihad to have 4 french fries)

12 block day and I didn't feel as hungry. Went to bed feeling satisfies with the extra fat I am eating and got lots of rest. Brendan saw Dead Silence movie with the girls while I watched TMNT with my son....the girls got scared so bad!!! No popcorn for me and I didn't really miss it either. I am determined!!


OCRunnerGirl said... inspire me girl. You look amazing. Question..where do you get your food? I am going to use your meal plans and try to eat as good as you. I have a Henry's near by and a Trader Joes right up the street. Thanks for the posts. They are very motivating!!

Shari Baby said...

ocrunner girl,
Hey, thanks for the stop by....I get my food from Trader Joes or Safeway or New Leaf. I stay organic when possible, and cook every evening and eat out on weekends but still Zone it. Glad to help any way I can. Check out for recipes.....

CrossFit Cape Fear & Designs In Fitness said...

Great pix of you two. We had a blast at the Raleigh cert - love seeing Nicole and the rest out here. I hope to get out that way for a week of training and meet everyone.

Shari Baby said...

Come on would be great to meet you and train with you. Glad you enjoyed the cert. I miss Nicole :( she's such a busy woman....take care