Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday Special Workout

Today Annie had a great workout planned while Brendan was being filmed doing 50 burpee pull ups racing against 2 other guys. Of course he won. Duh!

Here's the workout :

21 kettlebell swings
2 rope climbs
5 rounds for time

I finished in 11:06
Workout #2 was 100 ab mat sit ups for time
I finished in 6:10 (man my back was sore from the snatch workout yesterday - I'll post that sucker in a minute....
Workout #3 was how many squats can you get in 1 minute. I did 53....I rested a couple times when I should have been moving my ASS to the ground and back up again!! Workout #4 was a 440 meter sprint. I finished first in 1:32. I have NO idea why the board above says that Buff beat me - because he didn't even do the run - Annie ?!

Then I went for a 6.5 mile run and struggled the whole way because my ass and quads were in agony. Oh well. A for effort!!

Oh - Vivian corrected me and said that she actually lost 40 pounds - not 30 - sorry V!!

Thursday workout :
30 snatches for time. I used 33 pounds -I was more concerned with form since I don't do snatches very often.(yes, I can see the pun in there and I am choosing to leave it alone.)
Don't remember my time but I did well. Then we did 250 meter row sprints x4 with a partner. That was fun fun fun!!!

Tomorrow I am doing the WOD from yesterday and see what i can muster up. I plan on killing it and pushing as hard as I can. Getting to bed early and B will be there to cheer me on!!! Wish me luck!!


Jen said...

Hey how's it going?!!?? Do you know if your coming to the cert in NC?

Shari Baby said...

Hey girl! I'm great...or stopping by. I have no idea what Brendan has planned as far as what certs we're going to.....I just go where he leads me ;)
Take care -

GB said...

Hi Shari, where ya' been? I hope all is well!

Shari Baby said...

I've been working my little butt off is where I have been :) I'm getting ready to post.....check back later k ?